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Walgreens use as directed. Thanks for spending your Saturday evening with us. It's 6 28. Let's get another check of traffic with you. For you, rather. With Joe Conway. We'll start off in the district on three 95 coming south out of the district and into Virginia, jammed across the outbound four T street bridge and the outbound to a bridge, we've got the issue with a closure in Pentagon city for this evening's road race, and that's also tying up the southbound George Washington Parkway quite significantly from at least the Arlington memorial bridge all the way south toward the humpback bridge to get onto three 95 south into those delays trying to get into the point on the three 95 south because of this ongoing closure in The Pentagon city for the road race. If you're on one ten, we are told southbound to your stopped between I 66 and army navy drive because of the road race street closures. Three 95 north they told us they closed the ramp to 8 C as well. That race is underway. It's a 5 K, I don't expect those closures being put in place for at least another hour or so. What go elsewhere in Virginia talk about the beltway, no reports of any major issues, 95 southbound slows from Norton toward woodbridge, then it stretches toward dumfries, the install near Quantico was on the right shoulder, the lanes available, the easy pass lanes are north on 95 and three 95. If you're in Maryland, the vehicle fire was 95 southbound between 32 and two 16 closure to two 16 along the left side of the roadway it's out. You're just now getting things cleaned up. You're jammed on 95 south from 32. Stay to the far right to get by. Baltimore to Parkway jams southbound across the beltway heading toward four ten, nothing currently reported blocking the roadway, really the only issue we've got reported on the Baltimore Parkway on 50 in Maryland and good both ways between the beltway and the bay bridges, the bridges themselves going to east and three west. Brought to you by Greenberg a betterment for more than 35 years they've helped tens of thousands of clients who've been hurt in car crashes are by medical malpractice does a GB lawyers dot com and feel better. I'm Joe Conway WTF traffic. Thank you, Joe. It is cloudy out now, rain likely tonight. There's a coastal flood advisory in effect until noon tomorrow in D.C.. Let's get your forecast

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