Putin, Chris, Biden discussed on Arizona's Morning News


Now the sixth largest ever in Arizona firefighter that's been going on in the El Capitan ER. That's been some intense fire fighting. We'll get you the latest numbers and hear more about how the firefighters are holding up against this beast of a wildfire. Also just ahead. Biden and Putin are right now meeting face to face for the first time in Geneva. It's about making myself very clear what the conditions are to get a better relationship with Russia. It's expected to be a tense summit that could go as long as five hours. That story after we get a check of traffic, witty tour. Dan, also another familiar name in Arizona, has just announced he's running for governor, and we have some breaking news about A familiar name from the Phoenix Suns. But first the Telegraph Fire near Globe. Now the sixth largest wildfire in state, history is more than 1000 firefighters on the ground and in the air. Try to slow it down. Ktrs Wildfire expert Jim Crosses live in the news center with the latest Jamie almost 140,000 acres. Now 59% of time of that dropped from 74% Sunday. The fire is south of glove made a strong run into the El Capitan area. Some of the most intense fire behavior so far, Panella County Emergency management director Check Command says. Right now it's too dangerous to send the damage assessment teams and El Cap it Tennessee if, and how many homes were lost, were trying to steer clear and give these folks enough space to operate. Have space to, uh, successfully fight this fire, So it's at this time. It's not safe, not counting the El Capitan area. 22 structures have been lost in this fire so far. Eight of those were homes live the new center Jim Cross K to our news. All right time for our first look at traffic with detour, Dan now at 62. He's joining us from the Valley Chevy dealers. Traffic Center. Good Morning, Dan. Good morning to you, sir. Jamie. Good morning. Good morning. I mean, it probably doesn't feel like it right this second, doesn't it feel like a family member just had a tragedy with Chris. Paul. Maybe being Yeah. I didn't feel like all of a sudden it one of our own in the hospital or something, man. Well, it's not That bad, At least? Yeah, No, but that's how it makes me feel Jump. That's how it makes me feel. I know satin. Well, that and I got some traffic.

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