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Of Bob Potter Treasurer Treasurer of the International Year for society. And a very very fine succulent collector. Also be answering a listener question about how to to make a climbing plant make friends with most poll and also be airing the second of our meet the listener interviews with lovely listener. Bobby thanks next one you patriots subscribers this week that's coach. Sal Elizabeth and Bronwyn Eight is truly wonderful to add you to the Patriarchal clan clan of people who support the show financially every month and those people are very valuable because they make this show happen without them. I could not make the ledge so a big shoutout to all my patients this week. It's thank you patrons. Week owned Patriot so I should emphasize how much I owe you. Goes you really make the show possible so well done give yourself a pat on the back. Go Make yourself an extra Nice Cup of tea and Bask in the glory of of being a nice person thank you also to mere cat jungle. He led a lovely five Star Review for on the Ledge or on Apple. PODCASTS your review. You made me love me cut jungle because you apparently planning to turn yourself into the authorities for crimes against plants. Then he found on the ledge and apparently he's been your salvation and you also praise my show notes which I'm very grateful about because I do a lot of work into the show notes. So thank you for pointing that out in your review review. If you want to leave a review on the ledge ought be ecstatic for you to do so. Every time I see a new review gives me a little bit of a shot in the arm and helps helps me get through those long editing sessions and it also helps other people find the show. So thank you to all of you who've left reviews in the past and if he this is spurring burn you onto thinking about leaving your review then good glance here I I met Bob Potter at cactus world. Live which you remember took place in the late summer and I did a slide show from that was great. Fun and Bob was manning the stool all of the International Year for society as well as selling implants so I bought a couple of blocks of him and invite myself to his greenhouse as one one does when one is the host of House floor. PODCAST BOB founded and ran the nursery to B.'s. Exotics for thirty five years before retiring from the trade in two thousand sixteen but he still very much has an interest in these plants and he's the treasurer of the International Euphoria Society and has a very very impressive greenhouse full of succulents behind his home in Woking Surrey which is a few miles south west of London if your British geography is unlv sketchy. I've visited a couple of weeks ago. Bob was so kind to give me a wonderful tour of his plots. Talk about his obsession with these succulents and yes he did give me a few plots cautious. I love my job. I'm so lucky so as I always say to check out the show notes Jane Perron Dot Com as you listen for pictures and details of the plants. We're talking about and you can also find details there about the International Euphoria Society because you are so popular now and many of the things things that we call CACTI are achieve four years so it's definitely a genus of plants. That's on the up and I felt really lucky to spend an hour or so pottering living with potter.

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