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Orlando international airport. WBZ news time ten fifty one made in Chicago's sponsored by urban countertops. Three months from now a group of about two hundred people could make history in Chicago. They could be among the first in almost one hundred years to be part of an organized open water swim on the Chicago river. The Steve Miller. With maiden Chicago. They were active competitive. Swims held in the Chicago river from nineteen eight till nineteen twenty seven in fact, in the mid twenties. The star of the show was John Weiss bueller. But was not only Chicago in, but also in Olympia and then Tarzi sixty one year old Doug McConnell of Barrington is one of the organizers of the twenty nineteen Chicago river swim. They started in nineteen eight because they were celebrating the fact that the river was all cleaned up, again, after its flow was reversed, and now the beauty of, of rivers is that is that as long as you stop pouring junk into it. It will clean it self and that's really what the Chicago river has done. Mcconnell is picking two hundred good swimmers to test the waters, hoping to make the river swim. An annual event two point four miles from ping, Tom park to the Clark street bridge McConnell has swung the English channel. And he's been in the Chicago river before briefly. It was perfectly delightful. And I've also swum in the East River in New York. And, and I'm here to tell you the Chicago river tastes better, Doug McConnell, organizer of the Chicago river swim now set for September fifteenth with made in Chicago. I'm Steve Miller, NewsRadio one oh five point nine FM business..

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