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Look at New England business this morning. A new name is coming in the front gate of the seaports outdoor concert venue. It is now called the Rockland trust Bank pavilion company last year. Bought blue hills Bank and took the naming rights at the outdoor concert venue Rockland trust trying to build name recognition in the city. The Bank has expanded from its south shore beginnings to neighborhoods in Boston as well as some of the suburbs north and west for a west boylston company. The patriots Super Bowl win is a bonus. Jeff lavon owns one off apparel one of several printers around the region who make the Super Bowl championship t shirts. They started cranking amount soon after the final whistle Sunday night trying to make sure the stores in central mass were stocked up. But and says not all of those stores were patient about it or a couple of stores that kind of got antsy and they ended up sending couriers directly here to pick up. But the lion share of it goes to the fanatics distribution hubs lavon says jobs, like this are frosting on the cake, business planning purposes, certainly not something we planned for the big ones for the Super Bowl shirts. The third largest defense contractor in the world is expanding its presence in New Hampshire. B E systems has signed a lease for a two hundred thousand square foot campus in Manchester, and when that's fully up and running about eight hundred employees there will be working on the company's electric warfare programs. Be a already has operations in Nashua in Hudson New Hampshire look at Wall Street this morning coming off a big win yesterday. The Dow futures are up about seventy points in the early morning hours here this Tuesday and coming up on. WBZ? We're getting ready for another championship parade. All the details of Deb Lawler on the way next. It's five twenty seven April. And this is Travis bustle. And we recently got.

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