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More coughing. No thank you. Better get on the dishes. just a moment. I have a little announcement to make Leroy in my degree I'd like you to hear it. Well. It didn't so much it. Last night at the school board meeting. Your old uncle was nominated for chairman. That's. Oh. That's nice. That's good. Aren't you surprised how sure you may not realize it? Being Chairman of the school board is very important because this. was running against you nobody much just judge hooker that to be good. I'll have got much chances. He has elections tomorrow night. Here's the political picture. Here's the way I've analyzed the situation. Tonight. I was saying. If I've members on the school board. The judges sure of two votes and I'm sure two votes. votes. There's Eve Goodwin's and mine. Certainly the judge will vote for himself. That's just the kind of a double cross he is. About you well, that's. The judge will get Reverend Needham's vote to their old friends that means Daca. pettibone voted decide who's elected as pettibone goes, so goes the school board well. Why don't you just ask him to vote for? Politics on run that way. You have to work arrangement. That's beneficial to both parties. Luckily, I'll explain it. You scratch my back, I scratch yours spach back big Europe speech Leroy. If I. Ask Dr Pettibone Vote For me. I have to throw something his way. To take out my appendix or something. You've already had your appendix taken out Yes. Yes, you don't have to. Which I had some reason to go to the doctor. You feel. I feel fine. No aches pains now. have an idea. I paint on my face with iodine like I got the measles oh. For Heaven's sake. Stay out, cool. Wow. No trick like that wouldn't be honest. My boy besides Dr Pettibone with North was iodine. Must be some way. Don't look at me I never felt better in my life. Okay. How do you feel very? Just asking after you health ready. Oh that's very nice of you I feel. Guilty. Oh yes when I got up his NFL so good. Birdie. One be you got your? Nice. You don't have to wear as long as you've got your health. That's what I got him. Guilty you don't have to worry about Birdie. If everybody was like me, got to stop them. Well I may not get elected, but what? The heck is long as we're all healthy it..

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