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Problem remains today in will county northbound I. fifty five near Shana Hon the traffic remains solid from route one twenty nine up to past River Road you're diverted off River Road all because of a rolled over box truck the crash there in the works over the road is down to just a single lane so state police have blocked that singling trying to clear it you're diverted off at River Road it is a massive traffic northbound on I. fifty five you can see pictures of everything on Twitter WBBM seventy traffic good way to avoid this if you're trying to head into Joliet or to I. eighty points east of I. fifty five is the exit route one twenty nine and get down to route fifty three in take that through Wilmington up into Juliet that's going to be a much better option than sitting through this free ride on the northbound side of I. fifty five right now on the expressway is closer to the city the Edens is looking good so was the Kennedy the eyes narrowed down so from Racine into downtown the Stevenson I'm so from Damon into the Dan Ryan but no up on the latest report the southside expressways are all good no damn Ryan I fifty seven or bishop for delays right now lake shore drive both north and southbound checking that the speed limit north bound on the drive you do have the two right lanes closed over the Chicago River through the end of June as crews work on the navy pier flyover project the tristate Jane Addams tollway it's are all looking great Reagan's all eastbound so from four hundred to before you all with road work in the left lane once again today until six o'clock no westbound delays of three fifty five route fifty three and eighty all checking in at the speed limit no major issues that are out of northwest Indiana in eighteen ninety four the toll road or on I. sixty five in Bridgeview we do have heavy traffic on Harlem southbound it's opacity third because of a crash next traffic report at seven forty eight newsradio seven eighty one five point nine FM the WBBM accu weather forecast still more summer today with temperatures well up into the eighties real feel temperatures low nineties a shower thunderstorm around later this afternoon into tonight down to sixty eight tomorrow it's still humid not as warm temperatures upper seventies get ready for some showers and a thunderstorm in the afternoon and evening Friday's cooler and less humid breezy clouds some sun low seventies and then we may not get out of the sixties either day Saturday or Sunday were at seventy five at o'hare midway seventy three the lakefront at sixty seven I'm accu weather meteorologist you divorce Chicago's weather station newsradio seven eighty and one of five point nine FM WBBM news time seven forty one NASA and SpaceX say all systems are go for the first launches astronauts from U. S. soil in nearly nine years when the commercial crew program was announced there was some concern about private companies putting profits over safety this is CBS news space consultant bill Harwood basics has a huge advantage they were hard years ago to build cargo ships for the space station and they've launched twenty of those so far they've got a lot of experience launching capsules aboard the falcon nine rocket this is a big step beyond that but they got an enormous amount of experience to this point which has to give everybody a lot more confidence astronauts dog Hurley and Bob bank and are said to fly the SpaceX crew dragon from Florida to the international space station liftoff is set for around three thirty this afternoon the justice department is dropping its investigation the stock sales of three senators Kelli Leffler James it often Dianne.

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