Brett Gerard, Fox News, Marine Corps discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Again to wear face masks during the covert 19 pandemic. The White House Corona virus task force maintains that as states try to reopen limiting exposure risk, such as crowded indoor dining is important. But Assistant Secretary for Health Admiral Brett Gerard says on NBC's Meet the Press. One strategy remains the most effective wearing a mask is incredibly important, but we have to have like 85 or 90% of individuals wearing a mask. And avoiding crowds that is essentially gives you the same outcome as a complete shutdown, Gerard says. While it's debated whether people will comply with or rebel against the federal mask mandate, voluntary compliance is needed to make a difference. Grinalds Scott Fox News, a wildfire east of Los Angeles in California's Riverside County, scalding over 31 square miles of dry brush and timber So far, with zero containment, one home and two out buildings have been destroyed. No injuries reported The cause of the blaze, still under investigation as dangerous heat is forecast to continue in the area. The search for missing Marines and a sailor has been called off. Facing up to a harsh reality. Those seven US Marines and one sailor who went missing after the amphibious assault vehicle they were in sank off the California coast last week are now presumed dead. A Marine Corps announcing Sunday that the search has been called off. The troops were taking part in a training exercise near San Clemente Island west of San Diego. When the 26 ton tank like Kraft sank and hundreds of feet of water. Eight other Marines were rescued. The one later died in to our listeners critical. The Marine Corps is suspended waterborne operations involving that type of vehicle until the cause of the sinking is determined. Karen McCue, Fox news India reporting nearly 55,000 new Corona virus cases and Japan recording More than 1500 additional cases occur view also imposed on Australia's second biggest city Melbourne, following a spike in cases there. Paul Stevens, and this is Fox News. On the air and online at Katie okay dot com Use Radio 1080. Okay. Oklahoma's first news. My name's Wilson. I'm a foster parent with embrace treatment, foster care. My husband and I had always kind of shaped our life with the plan of having Children before we've been married. We've talked about some day. We wanted to open our home to Children that needed a home, be it, You know, for a short period of time or for forever, and we've had both. We actually came from a different agency, and the amount of support that we have received with embrace has been unparalleled..

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