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Please see the link in the episode description to submit an application without further ado, let's continue on our tour with another fascinating case from Amazing Cardi colleagues. Excuse me hey, sorry I don't mean to bother you. But when you when he matures forest park as opposed to be meeting with the Sam Manny and Adam to talk about wash US cardiology fellowship Oh of course and tell them high for me I'm actually copello Reggie Thunder Bara the. Way What a small world actually I've got some time befriend supposed to meet with them. My Name is Ahmed. McCarty NERD, and they're going to teach me some cardiology and also tell me all about why they love being wash you. If you don't mind, I'd love to hear what brought you to this beautiful city. Oh, great. Well yeah that's awesome. I'm a third year here at Wash U. I'll be going into the COOLEST and Narnia specialty in cardiology EP. But it's a story. Do you do you have some time? You know when it comes to cardiology and EP I've got all the time in the world. Okay Great Well My my lover EP has been very long standing I started off as a violent Jamir in Boston and is working with peacemakers and stands and micro chips. So when I got to admit school I learned that e with literally debugging circuits in the heart. So intellectually, it was faith and then I rotated with EPA attending than hearing them consent patients for ablation I wanted to be that doctor who big sure arrhythmias using my own hands, and I was the lead singer of our med school band, the pacemaker. So I was pretty much obligated. At. The same time the NERDY EST but also the most brilliant and cool thing I've ever heard you've got to sing for us now before you go. Home and maybe. That's pretty cool. You've got all these reasons for why you love EP and debugging circuits in the heart how did you come to wash you? Yeah. Well, I came to Wash U. From Stanford where I did my internal medicine residency and I got to work on novel Eighth of Research With My mentor there. SANJIV Mariah. And so as visiting places for cardiology fellowship, I was looking for a program that would continue solid mentorship and innovative research in addition to fantastic clinical training and why she really left an impact on me I interviewed with my now. Philip who pledge and she truly inspired me with his work on noninvasive VAT of lesion, and this is one of the greatest innovations in our field using radiation therapy that's been traditionally used to target tumors and instead directing it to intrigue killer scarves to Oblique VP in without even entering the body, the mind-blowing and this is just come out in the New England Journal of Medicine I really think it's the future of VPN. When docker invited me to work with them on advancing this new technology that was just incredible. So I knew that coming to wash U. I have an incredible mentor and Supportive Fellowship Program both for clinical interest and for. Breakthrough research and another thing that stood out for me from the Wash Interview Day was there is a specific woman in cardiology mentoring group here called impact, which was pretty unique along interview trail, and again, it just reflects the supportive environment here, and I think one of the best parts of that everything I heard about on interview day has come true and more not only have I gotten excellent in clinical training at one of the largest hospitals in the country by I've gotten to present our research on noninvasive ablation the biggest conferences each year, and the fellowship has supported me to take courses on running research lab and even on medical device design at. Mit and speaking of new technologies. Doctor. Koop. Leitch introduces us to a innovation competition here at Wash U. That I entered with my co fellows and developed a novel anti arrhythmic loading system that can start patients on anti arrhythmic safely at Oh. So one day I. Hope to apply these engineering principles who create new devices and innovations that transformed the field of UPN. It all starts as a training. Wow, wretched like. So blown away right now clue you came to wash U. With a purpose and background and you're making the most of it, and actually if you'll entertainment for just a second I, remember when that paper came out about not invasive Viti. Ablation, and if we could nerd that for just a moment, could you remind me? They essentially used Cmr to identify the substrate for bt Scar, and used this story tactic radio surgery to Zap it is is that a my remembering correctly exactly great memory and that's actually one of the areas that I'm going to be researching, which is trying to identify what is the most simple single imaging modality could be used to reliably target patients who are either getting catheter ablation for bt or noninvasive radio station and it all starts with imaging just trying to understand where is the substrate? Where is the VICI circuit, and how can we attack it even non invasive That's just so incredible and is just one example for why cardiology just as a whole is so amazing you know the pace of discovery and innovation with bright minds like yourself, like putting together a background in engineering passion for scientific discovery and taking it back to the bedside keeping the patient at the center. Really just a fills my heart with joy and I'm so glad that people like you are working on things like this at places like wash you clearly the mentorship you've had there is just opening so many doors absolutely I feel so grateful to had such strong mentorship throughout my training and I think that's really one of the ways that Wash U. has really supported and nurtured my. Future career and I think that's important for when going to fellowship to make sure that they can see themselves at that program and potentially can even identify a mentor that they can reach out to in connect with because that really makes all the difference. Yeah. I couldn't agree with you more there. That's really amazing. Oh, cheese look at the time I I'm running a little late I should run but why don't you join us? We're just GONNA talk more cardiology and more watch I'd love for you to be there with us. Oh, that's so nice and eat inviting me I really wish I could actually headed to meet my mentor Dr Koukoulas Right. Now I have him on speed dial Novick deal Matt. I doing virtual visit to wash U. was fantastic getting to nerd out with you. Thank you. Sorry where was it? Is it this way or Or? Basically that big green area and Oh. Okay. Right behind a big sign for Forest Park. That will be Yup got it. Thanks Rachida. Great to meet you U2 daycare. It was so great bumping into. Russia and hearing all about Wash U. from her perspective and thankfully I found a way to forest park. This Day is off to such a great start, and now we get to dive into it with Adam Lick Manny Rivera Maza and San Lender guys welcome to the show. Would you mind introducing yourselves? How's it going? My Name's Adam I`Ma I hear fellow here wash you coming up by way of New Orleans. I did residency at Lsu go tags out here for for years now into enjoy every second of it so far. Hale. I'm manny. Rivera Maza also second year fellow here at Wash U. Coming in from University of Miami, which is where I did my residency next year chief resident. Hi everybody I'm sale linear I'm a third year fellow here at Wash, U. and I matched into the cardiology program here following my internal medicine residency at Duke and I'm looking forward to next year will be staying in the interventional cardiology training program here at this.

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