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Three thousand acres burned in an arson arrests, made Wednesday night thirty two, year old Brandon McGee lover in custody accused of setting multiple fires and that quickly growing Cranston fire the Associated Press reports that photos posted on Twitter showed a large amount of, smoke outside the US embassy in Beijing and what appeared to be police, vehicles surrounding, the building in northeastern Beijing Thursday afternoon, the ruling communist, party newspaper global times said police quote took away a woman spraying gasoline on. Herself in a suspected attempt at self immolation tensions between the US and The European Union over, a possible automotive trade war have eased with officials agreeing to hold off, on new, tariffs and instead engage in talks to, break down trade, barriers on Wall Street Wednesday major indexes jumped following a report about the US. Agreeing to work with the u EU on trade disputes this is ABC news With the updated. Overnight forecast I'm teeth meteorologist j Cardoza here wwl k y at. A couple of isolated showers earlier this evening otherwise for the rest. Of the overnight looks pretty nice out there partly cloudy skies will settle back to. Seventy one warm sunshine in store for tomorrow some clouds, will tend to increase later. In the day your high close to ninety there could be a few, isolated showers even a rumble. Of thunder later Thursday, night into Friday morning otherwise by Friday afternoon it's going to be beautiful sunshine. Returns and less humid air hive. Eighty five that's your w k y forecast I'm meteorologist j courtesy of the Samsung galaxy.

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