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The legacy of AIDS and how we Pass on our stories from one generation to another. You know it's the general idea of it. Is You know with any sort of demographic or any sort of minority group especially in underrepresented one. There is this idea of lineage as a black person. I know that if I have biological children those children will be black. And there is a sort of inherent sense of lineage. There's an inherent sense of history. That goes along with that as gay people. We don't necessarily have that. You know you the family that you have as gay people as sort of a family that you find in a family that you create and the only way to pass on our lineage or to pass on our legacy is through story and through communication and so the play is really about sharing those stories and sharing the idea of who and what we are and I think a major part of that you know a major way that gay people have survived all this time is through our humor and through the ability to laugh and what Matthew does so eloquently I think is managed to get some pretty heavy themes and ideas into the world of the show but we really are trying to make you laugh though no time it really is A. It's not a light show but it is a funny show. It's a very funny show. We're GONNA experience all the emotions. Yes you will including laughter. Yes you will absolutely sobbing. Yeah you know. I've been doing this show now. We started performances in September twenty seventh and I am still crying every day almost every day when we do the show and you know could be one of those actually things where you're like. I know I have to cry right now. But it's it's really not that it's a really lovely world and so much of what Matthew has put out there. And so much of what we have built as an ensemble and as a as a sort of family at this point is this sense of. Camaraderie I. I'm deeply feeling things when my fellow actors are going through things and it's it's such a beautiful experience to get to do and yeah it's hard it it it takes a lot out of you. It's kind of emotionally wrenching. It is lovely because at the end of the day. You're sort of up there watching your friends and you're watching your family so it doesn't feel as difficult as it. Could I guess and the pedigree of it is just kind of staggering right? I mean it was. It had already had a life in London before you came along right so it already had. You know sort of garnered all of these awards. One like Olivier's in everything. Yeah so what was it. Walk us through your process of getting the role of God What where were you in life? What was a typical daylight for Jordan before this was happening where was I? I don't think we have enough time on this through where I wasn't life but I I had just come back from three years at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and I came back to New York. I've lived here for God. Nineteen years now and You know being an actor here is very difficult. You gotta go wherever the work is. And I. I've been really lucky in my career This is my Broadway debut. But I've I've gotten the chance to work with Peter Brook. I lived in Europe for a year and toured around Europe and Asia with Peter Brook's company and I worked with Young Jean Lee who actually just had a show on Broadway last year. Straight white men. I mean I toured with an earlier. Show of hers called the shipment and we toured all over the world. We went to the Sydney Opera House for festival. That was curated by Lou Reed And then I just did three years at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival so I've had this really cool and varied and we are career. But the you know there was always that specter of Broadway than I ever gotten to and and any actor. They can tell you though. I don't have any sites for Broadway or any everyone wants to get on Broadway. It's just one of those things that once you be. I remember saying this to my sister. After I booked the part like oh I I can no matter what happens for the of my life. I can always say that. I'm a Broadway actor. Yes really cool. As far as getting to the show. I went through four rounds of auditions in June The first three were like casting directors next round was the addition of Stephen and just in our director and associate director. Then we added Matthew the writer that was a third round. The fourth round was a three hour callback. It was a group callback. I was a nightmare. It was a nightmare but it was a nightmare nonetheless And in which. We got like twenty pages the night before and they said. Don't worry you don't have to be off book or anything but we were reading those for the next day and then So that all happened then I didn't get. I did not get the part but I think that they were sort of just like seeing. What else is out there and seeing you know they were sort of keeping me on the back burner because they liked me and then about a month later they called me back and said you know we really actually want to see you again for this so I was actually on the other side of the country and I had to fly myself back for A. I guess this would have been my physician now so this is now a week or two before we start rehearsals and they had me auditioned again. Found out that I got it and then I ended up going into rehearsals. This would be August now. You talk about this sort of legacy of the show. I was incredibly intimidated. Walking into that Room Matthew Lopez who this his Broadway debut as well but he's had a really established and lovely career. Then you have Stephen Daldry. Who is this legend? Who's done you know Billy Elliot? The hours of the reader. He's responsible for the crown. I mean to say that I was intimidated. Would be an understatement. But in some a lot of original cast and as the five main cast members were back with us. Well so what was Nice for me was that we had When you see the show There's like sort of a bunch of characters that are on. The periphery that I guess literally and figuratively actually That sort of interact with the main players and our help tell the story and help move the story along and all of us are from New York. All of us are new to the process here so we it was cool because we sort of got to start over while also building on something that they had already created in London and what was really exciting. What Matthew really wanted to do was Really build around this group of actors so seventy I think it's something like thirty percent of part one and like seventy percent of part two changed from London to Broadway because they really did want to cater for the actress that they were working with and wanted to make it specific to you know there's so much in the show that's just about life in New York and there were things that a London audience wasn't necessarily hooking into that we wanted to make a little more tangible radio guardian. We wanted make a little more applicable for neo audience and Matthew was really open to matthews whole. Matty's work ethic is so admirable because he just really wants to. He's always trying to perfect it. He's always trying to make it better. Whatever that means for an artist And it was exciting because he was really open to suggestion is really open to working and collaborating with the actors But Yeah I mean entering into that universe was very intimidating but ultimately in the same way that Matthew tries to in the play Stephen Justin and Matthew really wanted us to not have any sort of sense of intimidation or like. You don't belong or anything like that. It was. We are all in this room. We're all artists. I mean the first day matthew came up to me and and because they know that they put me through the ringer with the auditions. And the Matthew. Stephen both came up to me individually and said we are so happy that you're in this room so happy to have you so that was a really nice. Yes way to get the fear out of my a little bit. And how much longer are you doing it right now? We are open ended so we could run as long as audiences. WanNa keep coming and seeing Right now we are selling tickets. I believe through June eighth. Something like that So yeah we are. We're here for at least a few more months and you know we'll see I mean I. I know that there are definitely trying to keep us open through the tonys and see how that all pans out and if gets Tony KNOBS and especially if we get some Tony Wins I think we we could be here for a little while. I feel like it's happening now. Yeah it's exciting. Do you have time to consume anything else movies TV. That's actually about all. I can consume right now so like I was saying. `I veg out on Monday and Tuesday and so I much you know to my own dismay I i. I'm I always like sites. Might getting my sights on doing more and running errands and getting stuff done but then you get to that Monday and Tuesday. You're like I can't do anything so I'm just sort of hanging out at home watching movies a lot. Yeah TV lot. You've which you've earned the right to do by. You GotTa let your Sake you thank you for saying what. What are you watching? What's in the queue at the moment Okay so my guilty pleasure at the moment is this reality. Show called the circle. Okay all right here. We talk about this obsessed with this show. Where are you in the show right? I'm not that far. I'm only like five episodes. I don't even know how many episodes there are twelve. So I'm only like how like I. They just The third catfish guy just got introduced. So the the guy who's he's using the really hot blonde guy his avatar Cafes Alex. We're talking about what's that Alex. Yeah Alex Them Guy who wears the pants? That are flowing. Yeah I always see the bottom of his feet somehow. Yeah so. He's always working with his feet while he's while he's upset it's a lot and it's it's weird. I'm weirdly obsessed with this show because it's it's so it could never happened before like it's it's such a product of our time right now and it's the thing that I'm having a tough time with especially as an actor. Is that like no one's talking to each other weird like they're all in their own individual pods and talking to a screen and the screen is helping them communicate with each other and no one's riding emojis..

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