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Something mad in the history of this show that I wanted coffee and couldn't drink it. Yeah. There's there's obviously something going on because Maggard Matt was triggered. He's torturing me. I swear it's torture. He's torture me. I like to think he doesn't know what he's doing. I'd like to think this is pure and wild random and incompetent is called priming. Actually, it's priming our brains give you prime to a topic and suddenly become something you're thinking about working with. So we talking about particularly saying I wanted it that he wanted it persuasion works that way too. Well, it is it is if you want to if you want to dive into it a little bit I've done a couple thousand shows Matt's never come in with the pot of coffee off. And yet that seems like a very sort of. Flamboyant way of saying look this good coffee. And you and you and you made the joke about him being like a waitress at a cafe. But that's kind of what it was. Hey, I get some coffee. You know? I'm really to give you something. Good and warm something that drew really would like right now longs for incredibly. Well. Yeah. But it's. No. But it's interesting, and it's. You you bring up a subject the subject get Indian adult put emotional content into the subject, which is the persuasion part. Yes. Because you talked about how great it was how I miss how you lamented knifing partake in that made us who can partake go. Well, it's a good thing. Metric up of coffee. The tire time. We've done this podcast. And and and back there with a flurry enjoying it. That was what caught my eye. Anyway, Chris Gary, you get the I'm db. All right. I just listen basically by the name of the comedian and the end the year of the special so you getting into zone where people at least like the stand ups or by my range zero zero to ten and anyone in the fives is going to be not a good thing. And as you get into the sevens and eights, there's only better thing, you only got two five on here out of about fifteen so we'll start with Elisa her twenty sixteen special rated six point five twenty seventeen special rated seven point two for ralphie may his two thousand six special seven point five two thousand seven seven point two thousand eight six point six two thousand twelve six point five two thousand thirteen five point five two thousand fourteen six point seven Gad. Is it Emlyn MLA? Okay. The first one of everyone's five, okay? The last one twenty eighteen seven point two for the tasha and Moshe casher special from twenty eighteenth six point eight such a good story Christine. Appease 2017 Netflix specials. Six point four Amy Schumer twenty nineteen five point three Tom sikora's dweller some haters. Yeah. Twenty fourteen outing seven point eight and his twenty sixteen outing seven point five all right now. Adam Corollas IMDB number. Nine point. Oh, there you go through but not good enough to get on net flex. No. Of course, not. You can't find you cannot name a comedian who gets into the eights and nobody in the nines..

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