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Later here at Atlantic City. You're going to be challenging this very famous world ground. Well, you know, you're exactly right me, gene. One year ago brother macho man worth one we were brother told me one year later right in place at a started in the Trump plaza. Said we'd be locking horns head on head WWF cabinet. What? The whole world. Just. Okay. So hulk, obviously, a hope was on the cover of sl at this blossoming origin of wrestling. You know, all about Cogan. What what was great about that? And I'm sure you picked up on mean jeans. Cadence like it's almost like he's singing introducing hulk and I've got something else for the macho medically and the urgency. The also presents like, polished, you exactly the point. It's it's it's a serious broadcast. Everything around it as all colorful and hyperbolic easy, but he'd be dead S. Exactly, right. That was what I took away from real World War clip here. This is of course, with the he's no longer with us either. The great Randy macho, man savage. This was back in eighty seven not wrestlemainia standalone event may have been summer slam something like that. Here's me, gene. And the macho man the former intercontinental champion of the world macho man Randy. Nothing means nothing means w what do you mean? By that talk about all the way to the top. We in a position that I'd rather not being clean. Oh, yeah. This year's got more. President Tony things. The Cree and the world wrestling federation, stole doubt powder. You mean Jean Oakland? I'm the cream with a crack. They'll rainy I'm gonna ask you very seriously. Do you blame Mr. Jack Tunney, the distinguished president the world wrestling federation for Ricky steamboat being the intercontinental champion today here? Moment.

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