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Raoul changer lynn. That sounds like a fucking tom cruise character. That's like the name was anderton. Fucking anderson duda. Japanese guy wrote a fucking whatever that movie was deaf. Fuck is that called. Not i what the fuck is a movie called. The blue one does homes. Blue minority report did his name's anderton minority report and the whole movies blue. And he's and it's like do just fucking anderson dude. It's a who gives a shit you don't need to get creative with the last name. Let's put it t instead of the dude ramos. Riff kevin no gilney. Tony sh- merrick. This one's the best one bobsin. Doug nut dude sound so sexual. Hi how you doing. I'm bob i'm bob. Sin doug nut. Let's leave honey willie. Destiny's jerome bride scott door door k. Shown fervor coat dean. Wes ry mike truck that one would be a real one. Dwight wow dwight roared. Chagall roar just took the p. off portugal and added an are lazy. Tim sand dale. Carl oh this one is a might be my favorite carl danton. Mike cernan dez. Wow dude how did they get it so far off. How did they rather. How did they miss it with just one letter like you almost had it. It's fernandez and just the guys like pretty sure it's an s is. I think it gets enough loan. We're gonna go with sir nanas and this one todd buns olice which should be gonzalez but then no fucking mexican is named todd. Todd's the whitest fucking name. I ever heard todd. I knew a guy named todd that only wore shorts. how cold it was and one time. I asked him to close his eyes. And i said close your eyes and tell me what you wear and couldn't do it. These are the games replay onset. Dude these are the games we play on. Said i said hey todd close your eyes and he goes like this and i said what are you wear. And he said. I don't remember dude. That's a fun game at no matter. What am i girl always wants to fuck and play scattergories or some shit. When i'm like why can't we close your eyes as to how dumb we are motherfuckers. Do those of the games fucking do one time. I grabbed one of the. I grabbed a show runners phone dennis. Stan i don't do pranks but when i do they are the legit pranks that with legitimate when i do pranks thou legitimate legitimate when i do pranks to the legit shits i do when if you're going to hurt somebody or be funny. George clooney relate. Somebody's shoe on fire. And they all got a fucking pat it out. And they're scared for their lives. No wanna know the pranks dude. One time i gotta show runners phone. And i took that and i texted the ad. Hey we need a frog outfit and we need to. We need to hire.

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