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PCs powered by 12th gen Intel core processors call 8 7 7 ask Dell. One 28. Traffic and weather on the aids we've had some issues, Rita Kessler is in the traffic center. We certainly have John and let's update the issue that is on the ramp from the northbound George Washington Parkway onto the interloop of the beltway. The ramp had been blocked due to a crash. Now everybody seems to be squeezing by to the right all the response is still there the crash is still there, but you are able to get by single file right on that ramp to access the inner loop of the beltway. That northbound George Washington, Parkway delay begins, near turkey run, trying to make your way onto that ramp. Now on 95 in Virginia, southbound looks like we have our third crash of the day after Dale City, keep an eye out for response showing up to the scene those delays are starting to grow yet again. Then again, you'll see the volume southbound passing Quantico, and then it looks good into Stafford. Northbound 95 the earlier problem near 6 30 in Stafford may be cleared, no longer seeing a delay. We do have some volume in woodbridge and then from Norton and newington with the lanes open. On one 23 at old dominion drive, that had been some flashing traffic lights keep an eye on a case that is still the case. There had been no one on the scene directing traffic. Northbound on the Baltimore Washington Parkway still seeing the delay out of greenbelt toward powder mill road, keep an eye out for any crash activity left over there. Southbound I 97 near Baltimore Annapolis, boulevard the wreck was on the right side. Also southbound I 97, but on the ramp to eastbound 100 There had been a report of an overturned vehicle on the ramp. In the district canal wrote it Fletcher's boathouse, the traffic lights were flashing, northbound D.C. two 95 sees the slowdown after the 11th street bridge, headed all the way toward benning road, and on the beltway in Maryland watch for the volume on the inner loop from 29 colesville road headed past university boulevard, the right side of the roadway, and the off ramp to university remains blocked with high standing water. Avanti makes the everywhere workplace possible for government avanti's risk based vulnerability and patch management secure the cloud in hybrid enterprise following zero trust best practices, visit avanti dot com that's IVA dot com. I'm Rita Kessler WTO P traffic. And let's get your forecast now from Chad Merrill. Mostly a rain event now across the DMV, although we are seeing some patchy freezing rain along the spine of the blue ridge.

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