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And welcome everyone to workplace perspective where we are striving to raise the bar at workplaces sage advice yes I went there he has to share with us on this very timely topic should not be considered legal advice you're listening the workplace perspective and Employment It but before we get started let's do what we normally do and have you tell our listeners. A little way of saying I've accumulated a lot of wisdom over the years and we said like to think on ethics issues and I just published a book on Ethics Deals Interactions and our lives on social media that's great into our you know jump kind of into our topic why don't you I kind of tell us what you S. one outlet for behavior but in general wiki go back respectful of others are good ways to act ethical ways to act other stakeholders how they make decisions whether they consider as you're talking I'm kind of thinking it's like it's it's more than a moral compass would you agree recognize it and that's part of the problem I think today not only in the workplace into effect others so how you treat them is an ethical issue we should be able to discuss our differences openly with it's near and dear to my heart that topic as well and and I any harassment trainings that one way to combat unethical savior and how you can stem those behaviors by creating more ethical workplace win organization. I say that because I I do I think that through their employees Drexel Organization will I always get those questions from autism another issue absolutely so you can certainly teach it at the organizational systems and be open to changing to have him ethical organization of our shows with regard to employee engagement and corporate culture and all that kind of stuff and and that organization sort of come to the realization in your experience have you had beyond the obvious being sued for unethical behavior but on a on lean when organizations have systems in place for employees example of it and employees have to feel that they statement fraud so what employees tend then they can set that tone simply through policies simply by so it's you know it's measuring an ethical culture is sanders and absolutely companies can come to that realization ascribe to sort of the same philosophy that it's really ethics really comes down to no I think people in organizations tend to think unfortunately this with Social Media the twenty four seven cycle digital media something that they have to prevent it just a matter of sending a message do that it's an example of the devil's in the details but it can be done ah about sort of creating an atmosphere that really makes it easy to do the right thing and and you can create that that environment that really does create this this idea czar issue and we need to address it so employees tend to act the way they think that same level as other top priorities yeah because the flip side of that right don't you think well it can be and the one thing yeah about what we've done we've helped somebody we've we've we've tend to catch up with you so yeah I think that's very important I I read the survey set of kind of scribe to that because I think that's a way to get rid of unwanted risk sort of behaviors compared to eighty eight percent who witness wrongdoing and companies with ethically week cultures Well there's quite a few of them it's the tone us sort of what I would call stakeholder capitalism rather brought a group of stakeholders including of course themselves their own well being that they're treated holders that tends to give a lot of confidence of employees that the company I would say is rationalizing unethical behavior that happens along with financial wrongdoing and they basically say look this is a one time I'm doing you start to slide down the proverbial ethical slippery slope a quick break and when we come back more thoughts from Dr Men's Don ecobill ethical suit can still make an impression my video games are still game changers and my lamp and we'll give someone in my community a second chance too goodwill donate stuff create today's show do this sharing like us give us a review on welcome alleges that employees face when it comes to ethical behavior in the workplace it or for or been exposed to over the years nobody wants to Tattletale on their superior as the Messenger Hey look this person stole money from the company or is padding there's real fewer there that they will suffer the consequences I get a lot number one and of course companies have to say that they want these that oftentimes works with whistle blowing in general so it's through L. Complete a project they'll do some work they'll handle report to their they hate that they they're they're beside themselves they don't know what to do they just know so again it comes back to the company culture and wanting these things to be for employees about what are the rules of the road with social media can they use the rules really have not caught up with technology and some companies have I don't know what can and cannot be done so that's about the third one I it was sort of the advent of social media and it becoming such a big part of the workplace getting up to speed on it I do think it's getting better it's getting easier we're kind of starting to get a handle on it but the confusion and the of somebody took credit for my work and then of course the more serious allegations where there's the beginning about ethics in general about being you know that it took being kind and for us to talk about but boy when you're in that situation it's really tough to and beyond beyond the you know alerting and using I always tell them to find somebody at work who they really in action or report something now that may be easier said than done Kim formal so that's that's very important I think evolved with older reputation for trust but not very long to destroy it absolutely people who are at the top of their game and then something came out that was of course terrible ethics is a long term commitment sure I may be able to do something get away with it maybe find out and then they questioned me my whole reputation has gone trust I in my ethics trainings the fact that you know well in your personal life you you want to get ahead you know if you WanNa have a good reputation that it really does matter sure where do you think employees alike oh gee that's a great question I'm losing our moral compass over a long period of time now anger grades where they're most impressionable they're not getting it that's partly is that somehow it's religious instruction talking about religious instruction talked about at home there are very few role models around passage right right from the truth today so I think that's been the evolution Oh behavior Any civility has become normalized you of why ethics is important why an individual organization this is important let's develop a code of ethics let's do this let's do I love this topic it's it's we could go on and on but as we wrap up for today on this idea of ethics in the workplace Sure sure I I right you should live by the mantra do no harm harm nobody by your actions Asian so I even tell my students and employees a sendoff this Insulting tweet Oh let's get a feel so and then you feel the same way go ahead and do it but a lot of people they change action of.

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