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He needed extra time. Rest and rehab took a hit from the lions linebacker Christian Jones this week. And he said, yeah, a little bit of a setback. I trust my medical staff, but he's got a strain medial collateral, ligament, deep bone, bruise since the season opener. And of course, this all started week one with Khalil Mack when Khalil Mack got traded by Oakland to the bears, and that was the first game for Aaron Rodgers. And the bears were bringing heat and Khalil. Mack had the greatest defensive first half in the history of football, and they suddenly couldn't lock Khalil and they were dubbing Khalil and there was a sack on Aaron Rodgers and Aaron Rodgers got hurt and Khalil Mack. MAC is massively affecting three teams. This won't happen. But right now I'd give Khalil Mack the MVP not Patrick Mahomes. Literally Oakland has a top sixty Fendt in the NFL there one in four. Why? Because their last in the NFL in sacks they can't hold a lead. They can't get to the other quarterback. This Chicago Bears defense number one in the NFC. They're number two in the NFL and sacks number to defend overall. They lead the division. Why? Khalil Mack at ain't Mitch, Trubisky and Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers still isn't right. I mean, just look at it Khalil max. The only player in the NFL affecting either positively bears or negatively Packers raiders three different teams to me. If if you ask me who the MVP the league is they, it's Khalil Mack and Aaron Rodgers. Thirty four by December thirty five. Now this week against the Niners hill win. Then he gets a bye. Then Green Bay schedule is brutal at the row. Rams at New England, Miami at Seattle on a short week at Minnesota, and got to go to Chicago again and Khalil Mack. So that would be my MVP if I voted on it today. I'm not a big MVP guy. I don't care about the Heisman or awards, but I'd give it to Khalil Mack. Nobody's affecting three teams. Patrick Mahomes is not affecting three teams. Khalil Mack is, and by the way, I think Aaron Rodgers knows every year in the last decade. We have all considered Green Bay a Super Bowl threat, and they are not a Super Bowl threat this year. And I think Aaron Rodgers knows it. Remember, Greg Jennings came on this show, and Aaron Rodgers is somebody who wears his emotions. You can see it, and Greg Jennings said, there's a couple of weeks ago about Aaron Rodgers. He knows this is not a Super Bowl team for me. What stood out was his body language, his demeanor, his his lack of involvement with the guys during the game. He had a look. On him like he was disgusted, but it was kind of at what was here we go. Again, there was one image they that they shown during the broadcast of the game where he went to the sideline. He put his hands across his lap. He's sitting there. They show his receivers, they're on another bench, putting their looking as loss as little puppy dogs as well. There's no fire there isn't. He knows it by the way you think I'm crazy. Saint Khalil. Mack should be the MVP. What is value? Let me ask you, this is Aaron Rodgers. Now the best player in his own division Unal think he is if you go to every division in the NFL, let's do it right now. Best player in every division. Let's go AFC east. Well, there's no question that Tom Brady's the best player in that division still could have been the MVP last year in the AFC east, Tom Brady is the best player in the division. Let's go to AFC west Joey. Bosa is very good for the chargers hasn't been. I'd say Patrick Mahomes right now is the best player this second, right?.

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