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Recommend. Keep the tags on. Make sure you have an idea for any in store returns and take your receipts with you to get cash back. But before you start the process, do your research check with the website of the store that you're trying to return with, Whether is a bricks and mortar or an online vendor that the Web sites have instructions, and some of them make it very, very easy to return. Something that just isn't right for you. That's Barbara Stewart, who teaches retailing at the You know. Diversity of Houston 36 year old man from reading who state police says was heavily intoxicated found driving the wrong way on route 93 South. Near exit 40 yesterday morning in Wilmington, State troopers putting down Stop sticks, flattening the tires in the Medford area. The driver with four flat tires just kept driving in to leverage circle and tried to hide in the mass General parking area. The man was eventually apprehended and taken to Tufts Medical Center for a medical evaluation and police in Boston investigating the death of a man in East Boston on Christmas Eve. Officer is responding to a report of a person stabbed in there to await Sumner Street. That man transported to a local hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. The only woman on US death row Will not be put to death as soon as expected. Lisa Montgomery had been scheduled to be put to death this month for killing a pregnant woman in Skidmore, Missouri, and 20 or four removing the baby and trying to pass it off as their own. U. S. District Court Judge Randolph Moss delayed the execution after her attorneys contracted covert 19 while visiting their client. The Justice Department tried to reschedule the execution date for January. 12th. However, judge Moss says that cannot happen while the stay of execution order remains in effect, which is until January, 1st Montgomery would be the first woman executed by the federal government since 1953 Jennifer Keiper CBS News Staying informed is Easy with WBZ Boston's hardest working newsroom earned your trust every day by getting to the truth of every story we cover reporting the news that matters to you always up. Today's always accurate so that when you.

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