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How about that the raiders and credit goes to that WD the Pittsburgh, call the Pittsburgh costs credit Costa W, D V E, the Pittsburgh Steelers, you can tell based off of the tone, which radio affiliate that was for a different perspective. Here's what it sounded on the Oakland side. This will be a forty yarder. These thirty seven yard earlier today. One. Do you believe it? Maybe. I've never seen anything like this. What an exciting day that. Right. There's of course, Brent Musburger on KCBS the raiders call you can tell how they feel about that game. A massive win for the Oakland Raiders. I hate to be that guy said it already. But is there anything to be said that like maybe they should have lost this game scales? That could have had the number one overall big to themselves. Football's is not the sports do that in right. Like, you can't go out there and looking for draft picks at this point in the game. Because that's how you get yourself hurt. Right. I hate to think that current in this one. But it's a serious matter in that you have to kind of be out there ready to play on every single down for the sake of your safety more than anything in that sport. And they can say this front office in Oakland or the front office in San Francisco. They can say like, yeah, we wanna lose get the best draft position possible. When you're sitting there in the middle of the fourth quarter, and especially Oakland, you have a chance to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers. And you're half of your stadium is filled with Pittsburgh fans. And you get a chance to quiet them down. You have to take the competitive nature in you. That's why you play the game. Is to get feelings like that and to quiet down and opposing crowd is engulfed your stadium and get a big upset. Nice win by each team today, and especially the dramatic fashion in which the raiders are able to hear is on a cardinals alike. We're back in that mix with. No, we've already got our quarterbacks to the cardinals are like all the defensive players. Give them we are ready coming up on football frenzy this game between Dallas and Philly. It might be over soon. What were the other? We're going to tell you. What happened stick with us t- scales? Bobby carpenter field Yates hanging with you on ESPN radio on the ESPN app. This.

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