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Don't ruin this story another one. This one's popped up recently. It's not too old but it is starting to get out of hand. Karen people can and cannot say if your name is karen and you middle aged obviously fame now and you have one of those haircuts. Your life has been miserable for the best part of two years. One lakh one prayer. Imagine him karen debt. That is another one another one that got the rash trivia time This question goes out to us. If you can get. This hour will be so happy. Okay you're working in radio at a supermarket and You go up to your work colleague. You ask them how they going at work. What do they reply with me. I'll give you a clue. Same shit different guy. Different guy will fucking hello. Thanks for being so informing Shut up shut the fuck up to work in paradise not so much some other ones you got any all yeah. I've got a list of them. Look no. I actually go to them. And they come and once was close but not Is that a so. Yes yeah that started to annoy me. Because i'm what does that even main and mosel people smoke cigars. Houston we have a problem because it comes from the clinic because it comes from one of my favorite films. Apollo thirteen film great film. Tom hanks i have seen that one. Actually oh you basically saying the film yeah us. I'm not either to the fat lady sings. That's sort of to do with football. You know so. I like i can accept that you know the the fat lady start singing when the game's over so i think he's made that up all right. Have you not listened to country with rex hunt. Not a longtemps starts literally singing when he knows the game's over coach he's not fat or a lady and tested seven grand fawn all along. He was singing one. Sixty three to forty four st johnstone smith. He's montaigne points. Yeah well well that's molly so now it's not really. I saw many like you must be fun at parties like shut the things like online facebook sayings that are used way too much and then there's the electronic ones but i guess this was are are they. Did i ever run out of juice. And you can't use them anymore. Low thing everything. We've mentioned his well and truly run out of juice. we'll probably a good song gets thrashed on the writings. You get sick of hearing it always comes in and stop light cycles you have been using it for five six years and then it just goes away and then comes back to my mind signs up. Sixty forty one. What does that mean not fifty fifty sixty forty five or something but not correct anyway. Move onto our next segment which was talking about the best remedies for sickness especially home remedies. Got one that no one ever bolaise me on and people look at me like i'm stupid.

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