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So that we didn't personally as a concept changed, you know, got it got it love it. I have to adjust so let's talk about love. Okay. Have we all been in it? Yeah. Is it a thing? Hm? Is it a thing? Wow loaded questions? Okay. Well first I'm going to take my anxiety medication really takes maybe you start. Is it our energy? Is it the Dyke energy. That's making you anxious you're outnumbered. No, actually I'm surprised she comfortable around lesbians. I don't know of all of you identify as lesbians, but no no I used to be called on YouTube. I was like one of the lesbians. I was just like in that Circle through a me. So I mean you're wearing a plaid right now for all our listeners. Yeah, totally your next to a plant. Yeah. Yeah, actually the biggest Dig Inn near home. I won. That was like a phase with Jack literally only hung out with lesbians for like six months and then he had a breakdown and was like, I don't want to hang out with like oh years. I you know, I'm talking about like during your Gap via like that summer. Well, I guess yeah two years. Yeah fear. Everyone should have a lesbian gay. So I'm going to have to take another Gap year one wasn't enough. No. So love does it exist. Oh, yeah for sure this of course it exists. Does it? Yeah, I think totally what do you mean I I just don't think oh, I just don't think that there's like sorry no offense. I know you're married. But I think that does like a long time. I feel like being with the same person for fifty years seems impossible to at least me. Feel like it when I changed so much. Yeah, is it that it seems impossible or just undesirable? I guess undesirable. Yes, so right but like I don't I don't see myself wanting to do that like on purpose. You know what I mean? Yeah. No, I get it. I mean after my divorce when my wife and I the way we first got together she was also getting divorced and we're both like I don't think that marriage is something that people should do and off I was like, I think I only want to be in relationships for like Max five years and then move on to the next one and really it doesn't make sense to be with one person forever or to get married and then like from that night neither of us dated anyone else and then got married. So as lesbians do Yeah Yeah Yeah Song Only so much control you have what changed for you? What going from the mindset of I don't want to be with anyone longer than 5 years. How long have you been with your wife for years a little over four years? Okay. So coming up we're approaching a critical of critical juncture..

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