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Because to me. I don't know what you might introduce totally different outstanding and different forces on sick and especially when you hire a person for all you might have guessed that person in that role so i don't do the interview sanding even you know it's again. It's could be a bad example. Us but still if you have a cricket player or you're going to go to baseball here. The person who is the border of the future. You don't want them to practice. Having him back in the journey so to me as i start going through is district very important to start looking at the skills. But i really appreciate talking to land of this to skills. That was very important as you look at what i also realized from. You're talking was you're sharing. Was that the monday tougher job. Needs attention to details comes at the end. It's like at the end of a me if my mom asked me. Eat vegetables after finishing my beserk. That's the real challenge. So i really appreciate it. Thank you for sharing that. It's even more than that originates at the end of the meal. My wife asked me to do the dishes and happy do it. So i just got a commitment from suruga he happily would be doing the dishes absolutely next few years. So in every in every position. The situation equality rapid turnaround. The royalty of always achieved bigwigs. So let me look at is many join any company. What's the secret to getting theme. Align dr little bit earlier but i just want to go back with its look at your join samsonite our fab india or any of amazing organization before. What's your secret from. Be once you get people to deliver results today. Look at this link me. Let me think announcer this. Because it's not an easy one at the same time. It's great easy. I think the first important decrees. I t days and the first hundred days very important sort of i. I always in the first thirty days are important because that's when anything which is not right or anything which needs to teams will strike you immediately. I mean he just can't missed it to striking you almost like comeback from outside and you find your main door is completely open in trucks. As soon as the first thirty days you have to really look at all this but you can't access to write it down somewhere but these are the things that you as and from the thirty days to the hundred days really when you need to stop acting on them because i believe that after one hundred days i put it jokingly but very seriously i think after one hundred days a person was part of the system so nothing strikes him or her as ordinary more everything becomes like. It's okay what's wrong. So that's the importance of the first one hundred days. Threes is for you to notice what else seems to be a missed and keep an order and from the first day to the hundred. Stop acting on them one. By one by one then further into verse the most important part would be to start at the buzzer mindset. Because if you believe it can be done you can make people believe can be and that really is the easiest. Been done because very often you. You're still feel that. Oh this looks so different. This look so impossible. And how do you convince them. One.

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