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Who are some of the other native authors present? Well, I did a session with Gordon Henry. And so we talked about actually our session was authenticity in literature. And so oh my gosh, so you're asking me who all was there? I would need to get my list. I did a session with Diane Wilson. We talked about seeds. That was a different session. Oh my gosh, let's see. I'm going to see Craig Howe and Nick estus. Actually, I've got my Facebook page up here, Joel waters, Atlantica Lee, Gabrielle, Atari is. So yeah, there was just, I don't know. It sounds like it was really, really well attended. And let's go back to dance at the return and I like what I'm hearing this whole Supernatural approach and the sci-fi element, which draws you to that kind of Supernatural type of writing. Well, you know, every tribe has their stories, cosmology stories, and they have entities that they can talk about or not talk about. And I think they're interesting because they're unpredictable. And again, I write fiction because it's kind of a stress release, but I also read fiction as a stress relief. I was talking to Andy yesterday about this that we like to read and listen and watch things that are different from what we have to deal with every day. And I just find horror and strange things like the X files. Just to be fascinating. You know, cryptozoology, things like that. Because you don't really, you don't really know. You sort of see them out of the side of your eye and you look and maybe they're there, maybe they're not. But again, you know, the things that I write about, these are based on my tribal stories. So I don't pull them out of the air. And nobody has complained about it. And they've seen my fellow tribes people seem to really enjoy it. Well, you know, it's interesting, because we were talking earlier about Tony hillerman, Tiffany was mentioning how, you know, some of the things he wrote about, and

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