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If he won't require that you're going to need somebody that's capable of being a starter and then also really okay being a backup that's why your situation by all accounts from what we've heard cabinet just wants to play and hasn't demanded anything in terms of his position so i think that's clearly conversation the team would need to have directly with them and make sure that any of the surrounding norway's is is indeed noise from people who are informed which seems like a simple thing to do give them a call leakey's he and screen podcast on the go on a big day for tom brady 4 oh and i know that you recently had a 40th birthday so take us through the minds that i'm so young i can't even imagine what it must feel like to be so old us through the mindset of of you i am i imagine it's not quite the same as tom brady but close very close uh as you approach to your 40th there were no kale chips involves immortal unfinished anybody the knows me knows that i like ice cream and cake and i were no avocado ice cream he gets ice cream it's made of avocado no but i do like a hill up ice stuff like an awful lot of people that like i like the hilltop ice cream no it for me there's always every birthday involves a lot of doughnuts cake i street but there was never a like nobody delivered a walker to my door surprisingly the grim reaper didn't show up but we did my wife a my wife and i went down with family and we went down to like one of those allinclusive places in mexico we hung up but i'm like anti jennifer aniston style look it will now i i what i'm kinda anti birthday party like i i feel really uncomfortable in that setting so.

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