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And that is going to well what that's just one of those from all those last two fouls but under not sure why how booth was trying a fadeaway jump shot from twenty three feet out you're going to go to the first trip to the foul line tonight for him then did it and now it goes in an popped right that got again who has been your guard you could great years so you thirty two you can have this winter those there's a sec or the if you twenty seven when the now getting into the full court press in the fourth quarter gray turnaround jumper great is not way for any rebound support this was going to go out of bounds but gray just launches it is no rebound supports i'm looking we're but you thirty two raiders now put into play the backcourt against the man to man full court well you know sports going to be we're a deep pass to the right side triple driving great job and then you think huge will am on april burned and that was fouled going to go back to liam conley we were enjoyment women in jim and only get a little bit too much pushing going on you get a second personal wow leaders for the basketball you often bounce pass they got in the d corner let's five he launches a big time the bucket got a barber on the baseline know they won't let him play out so in that he kicked it out with the quarter including touched by randolph you know put it to play raiders and the offer to ben here's the big time shot held still got a lot to blame when the three to let alone out there but he was no we bring autograph you look that we don't we've been thing go line twenty seven you thirty two commanding lead raiders with about readers when the offense randolph with the basketball the ball a good game green being that was going to go out of bounds there was a weird you know that that people if the run greenhut the back room bounced back and then just now shouldn't have been backboard very interesting in the fourth quarter they comparable drive down the lane kyle both nobody touch.

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