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Word removed was into fill in the black here we go quote i was a little horrify that empire would make such an elementary mistake the third capital of south africa is in fact bloomfontein not blanc which is the biggest city in the nation and a commercial hub sunny johannesburg that is correct listener road in about a game where we asked about tv characters professions no question was about ross killer from friends the contest contestant guest geologist and our chung did not accept this answer so then a listener wrote ross geller from friends is indeed a geologist my phd is also in blank but the diploma says geology sunny archaeology sorry that is incorrect scarf you know the answer paleontology yeah that's right ross yar a paleontologist to a geologist now end the i guess we just found out that this guy has a misprint on his diploma weird this listener wrote in response to discussion about bicycle fashion quote only amateurs wear blank under their cycling shorts as for time spent off the bike well that's personal preference scott underwear underwear is correct yeah here's a quote please ask your research staff to do a little more research blanc is not and never was the battlefield it was where washington's troops encamped outside of philadelphia for winter scott gettysburg no i'm sorry that is incorrect sunny do you know the answer all you're making a facelift the answer is no now the answer is now does enemies are the answer valley forge genre looking for the threats yup but to be clear love is still a battlefield and jokes on this person because we don't have a research staff quoting you referred to the price of the h m s blanc which sank in nineteen twelve it's actually called the m s blank sunny titanic yes that is correct all right this is your last clue a listener responded to a game were every answer contain the word jack the quote there was a question fruit that smells bad but tastes great the puzzle host gave the answer as blank i am not sure that is correct act durian is the fruit that smells bad but tastes great sunny jack fruit yeah jack roofs i think it's interesting that have all the things that we have said incorrectly or mistaken this particular.

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