China, Social Media, Bissett discussed on Double Toasted Podcast - The Sunday Service 7-9-17


Can you tell me what number five is in at number five now made respect will me three i'm going to have to go with glare of hormuz martin you are correct right here is going on transformers the last night six to nine on a budget this is in his third week and a rather sorry toll rose 100 in a budget of two hundred seventeen million now this movie dropped off again this is this movie is pretty much done for the risk for the rest of this series to be honest way kind of went down this movie tank again even further in china and so it's it's in this series is way behind this one's making i have my notes right here this movie has made four nine five million dollars which is still three hundred million to the next one is already been out for weeks so them as looked up when you a robot even chinese sucking elserino yes said of saved the serious people robots they will take all the refugees they'll take anything man anything that is a robot binding each other i'm so glad that china has woken up thing people walked out of bissett invasive wow what the fuck wedeman billenness oltan rarely hear iran all they do and we said last week during the last weekend what would think that china was gonna pull them out people walking out the movie people were laughing people pulling the bones outinen doors social media during the movie not what they wanted the thing that's making the most money is the marketing stuffed a lot of them already bought so in on china.

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