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And in the morning. Stay safe with the Xidan temporal scanner, the number one preferred thermometer of pediatricians, 7 48 traffic and weather on the AIDS to Ian Crawford in the traffic center Virginia 95 South bound Dale City. It's the season's first doubleheader before the exit ramps and 1 56 watch the left side. Crash activity. You'll see the delays after the Prince William Parkway. It's over on the left side blocked the left lane. Get by it with a little bit of delay. But what you're past it don't exactly were drop your guard because there's a disabled vehicle reported just past the ramps at Dale City, Close to the point where the collector road feeds back into the main travel lanes to go south on 95. That's over on the right side of last report that was blocking a right lane. The rest of the 95 right is quiet in both directions as far south is about the rapid panic. On 66 between Haymarket and the Rosin Tunnel. Vita tells us that the disabled vehicle is now cleared. However, the delays have not cleared after 29 Centerville. It is a sluggish ride to and past the Manassas rest area trying to get towards suddenly rode me may have had some cones pop up early. It's hard to tell where they're doing All that construction westbound 66. After 29 Centerville, But at least you should be able to use that right lane. Now he's bound. No delays all the way to the Rosslyn Tunnel. Andy and Maryland on 95, the BW Parkway to 70 Quiet 50 across the Bay Bridge. No delays now and the rise Your buoy and Annapolis is uneventful with caution in Montgomery County Klopfer Road both directions near Seneca Creek State Park, the festival of lights that the Holiday lights festival is back once again delays, especially heavy on westbound Klopfer Road after about Watkins milk. Rode all the way up to the entrance to the park. Decorate your home today at Marlow Furniture's Christmas Super sale age. Your chance to save 50% off. Plus this week take an additional 10% off and free delivery in Crawford. W T o P Traffic Strong Team +44 Day forecast. We're going to a million Draper just a few clouds out there tonight with lows in the low to mid thirties. Mostly sunny and warmer tomorrow with highs in the upper forties, too.

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