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Opportunity and I'm honored to have old folks on the platform today. So please engage and ask any questions. So with that let me bring this esteemed Panel online wage. What's going on in the in the amazingness of you know of what I got here? All the spring season with us right here off the Record. Hey, I hear somebody's Pitbull back there barking trying to get you know some about that dog, and I'm not going to pay that. Let me start by saying again. First of all, thank y'all gentleman for joining. Thank you for having this conversation this actually stemming from a conversation. I have a list of my boss Alan there, start with the introductions with with him. And if you can tell us your name where you coming from your store and or college at you play for post at home. I think we get to his more for the content go to have on the start watching. Absolutely. My name's Monto Allen from Sacramento, but you know reside now down to Southern California went to Humble State proud. Bojack, I'm supporting the San Jose State since it was just up there practicing using or utilizing our field and our facilities. I run. I run a company called NBA sports, which is a non-profit that helps young young brothers and Sons just get give intruded and go through the recruiting process of trying to post-secondary degree. Awesome, sir. I was just looking at you. But you just right they're blinking and you got your Marquee behind you we could get it to you. Just give us up. Last name is Kevin Bracey off from Sacramento Montel. Allen is my brother and because of Montel Alan giving scholarship The Humble state to play football. He put the vision and me because he was a year ahead of me that it was possible for me to leave made for hurting high school and play play baseball at the next level. So Kevin Bracey baseball player with firm hide from from Mesa Verde High School to American River College scholarship to the University of Utah couple a professional baseball in Canada today. I'm a motivational Entertainer speaking Elementary Middle High School colleges corporations doing what I love motivating people in entertaining them at the same time with the same Spirit of an athlete, but I couldn't do the same thing. I'll pull ahead me if I try to your time as a little bit faster right now. It's lower right now. Import and again, I want this to be aware of, you know, we going to be cognizant of your time which you gotta go out there and do that motivational entertainment today with the group of young men. So you want to make sure that we be cognizant of that off. Thank you, sir. Let's talk to talk to you sir. How you doing? Corey Sanders, I go with the tall boy content creator went to get started out at Cal State Fullerton on the basketball scholarship transferred to the University of New Orleans was where I was able to get my degree from their played a little while in the minor leagues play professionally overseas. Once that time was up and then fell in transition radio marketing and now I create content. That's what I do. Nothing wrong.

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