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But that's what a. Dan and i didn't take it for granted being at the games this year because i really didn't think it was going to happen this year and i also had to learn how to i guess. I don't know the right word for part mental ice myself. A little like i did it every time this year at the games ahead to build in the morning my phone call with freya and i cry in mr mom and then i gave myself five minutes where i just let myself mr and then i took a few breaths and then i was like okay now. My role is a mom is in pause. And i'm going to become a competitor any and i put myself into that role while i was competing and then every evening i let myself become just now. I'm going to let myself vulnerable. And i am going to be frederick sco friend. And i'm gonna let him take care of me and i'm gonna talk about my emotions and let them out. So i kind of like felt like for the first time i was able to put myself into different roles and i was actually able to stick with them because i am so many different things and we all are so many so many different things and to become hunter. Percents like when you're competing you have to be able to distance it a little man. Yeah i mean. I really relate to that a lot as a mom and i've always worked since my kids were little and so i totally hear what you're saying there and i think you have to do it as a mom. I don't know how else you can get by. Yeah because i like miss freya. All the time. And i wanted to watch videos of all time in yes. It's really hard. It's really yes or no question for those people are not listening to understand. We're talking about the cross games which you are. One of the most successful cross for athletes in the history of cross. It really helped invent the sport. What's possible in the sport. You are a long time away as a new mother from your baby. How long were you away from fray up. Because i don't think people understand this sort of sacrifices that the couple others who were there specially from other countries it was real that you had to common core t. Tell us about that experience because you are away from your newborn daughter along time well i really pushed in southern go to the stays until i like pretty much less minute so i did my heat training in iceland and yeah. I posted this time and i didn't. I wasn't away for more than two weeks. But it was too way someone day that i was away from free and that's the first time that i went away from her if we pause. And if you're around a person who is apparently now phrase about a year old freya. Yeah she wasn't a year then now she's one year old into aches. Think about how many parents especially mothers have been away from their kids for two and a half weeks in the first year almost none in. That's crazy and i was really really frigging hard really hard so i post making the decision about going to the games and competing at the games until literally when we were leaving. And i told frederick on the plane. As like i might be going home tomorrow. You know that right. Like i. I might not. It's just may not work out. Yeah and he was like yes. I know that's okay. If we need to go home we go home. And then i just took it as one long weekends when one long weekend was gone. I took it as okay. We're going to be here a week. And then if i decide i'm not competing the games than we just go home and then the week had passed than it was like all right. We're already halfway there. Like i broke this up like a workout in my mind pretty much thankfully like freya was with my parents and my mom is really similar to me and free as really used to my mom like. We spent a lot of time with them because kobe like a lot of the summer house in freya knows them so well and i just told my mom like despoil her as much as you want to like ruined their team. If you have to you can hold her while she falls asleep like i had taught her davila sleep by herself. Like you to sing. Oncein will give the bottle sing a song and then leaving soon fell asleep on mike. Scratch it ruin it all. I don't care if she's crying despoiled. stroke her sing to her. Does maker feel good and my mom distant and it was amazing. And i could see that it was so happy got so many videos and called her day but i didn't expect to be legless as a mom but man. It was my head so hard. It's so much on this topic. You've been pretty vocal about how you have gone through some pretty serious postpartum depression. Yeah and i'm just wondering if you're willing to talk a little bit about that experience and how you realized you were experiencing postpartum depression. Anything you're willing to share. Because i think it's obviously so much more common. I was thankful to c. You post about it. I have a lot of friends who've gone through it. But i still don't think it's talked about that much. I think a lot of postpartum depression is missed. Yeah so. I just love to hear about Women's set this up for. I've known you for a long time. You're one of the best athletes in our world like. You're a complete athlete. You're total athlete. You're a total pro. Your partner is also a professional athlete on multiple sports right and you guys are a professional athlete family who knows your body..

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