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Agree with you yeah yeah like i didn't ever actually think that i would meet tyra banks and talk to her and being the same room as her yet here we are joni mature vr and i and i on you know one one of i will say one of the most beautiful woman to have ever walked this dirty ass disgusting planet rude yes so basically she's amazing in now you guys she's added one more thing to the wis that's right all ther ooh i just literally sat up in my chair when i said author as just so so much elegance as she has a memoir out called perfect is boring and get this you guys she wrote it with her mom is a mac you i can't even watch an episode of the voice with my mom i cannot make it through the voice entira wrote an entire fucking book with her that's amazing yeah and surprised for listeners at home because the interview interview we got tires mom into the studio with us and we just had a full on girl gab fest so let's get to it okay babies thank you so much for doing so many white guys i am massive massive fan of yours truly i so let's start at the beginning a little bit k so what were you like your first modeling gig what were you like my was your signature pose very photo mom it's actually my book it was i was sitting on our our the back porch of our house.

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