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But at the same time, star lake. As much as you like even playing that you've been like a really effective person that's game. You haven't really done Jack. So for you to try and maneuver your way off the block after being put up on the block because you're so expendable. It's sort of sad to watch. You're not gonna get what you want. But I mean, I commend her because said when Devi nineteen has been horrible, go on the block in except their face with at least at the very least seems to be trying to get off the bus or get the votes. Yeah, it's very much like like she is a fan of the show, right? So like so she she thinks, oh, well people you're supposed to try. And so she's like trying, but she's not. She doesn't understand how the game works. She's still he's still doesn't understand how the game works where it's like. She's never tried to make actual personal connections and relationships with people outside of her own group. And the only people that she has are people like Scotty and Brett who have come to her and formed relationships with her, but she does not branch out and like, so she thinks like playing the game and trying to stay is going up to people making pitchers because that's what she sees on the edit of the show. And she, I don't think she realizes that like, no, this game is about relationships and, and you know, like actually like sure. She is better than the big brother nineteen people who did not campaign, but she still has no concept of. This game is right. I mean, you guys gave her a one last night on the round table and she's the first person this season to get a one that's completely deserved at this point. She she's just been not sleeping through the first half of the game, but just not playing it. And you know, it goes without saying that she just she hasn't made anything happened. She's I don't know if someone said this yesterday or on Twitter, that someone was saying that she's just she hasn't been a part of the season. Like if you take away her role in every single thing that's happened, her votes. If you take away her her role like playing in the competition's like she has had zero effect on this entire season. And that's like, that's just insane. Like like the whole fact that she hasn't cast a single vote, the correct way once and she's about to be a victim without having cast a vote. The correct way is just insane to me. So now that she's having all these conversations with with j. c. n. with Brett and whoever she's talking to, it's like, you haven't talked to me at once in the first entire half of this game. And now you're coming to me with this edge like, okay, I'll listen to you. And then as soon as you walk away jaycees you know talking and he's like, how am I supposed to believe this girl? Like, what am I supposed to do with this? This is really nothing that I can work with. Yes, Tyler is going to do some jury management here with rockstar. Of course like this. I wish this wasn't happening. I wish it wasn't. You is nothing to do with you. Your great person. I loved you. Your great mother, your you bang pots and pans really. Well. You have great songs about micro penises and basically just, you know. Tyler, doing actual jury management as opposed to his allies, which we'll talk about it just a bit who are going to be doing the opposite here with rockstar rockstar not going to be happy when she leaves on onto tomorrow night. Waas more of that. Most collectively decided that like the entire group of them are not going to get her jury vote, which I guess if all of them decide that at the same time that they're just going to all be awful to her on the way out or not awful, awful. They're not gonna give her any kind of care on her way out. Then it's like, all right. Well, if we're all like this, then what's the difference in? I mean, Angela hasn't expressed once that she's worried about jury votes. We saw Brad goodbye message last week. So like I think he cares more than he's actually showing us. But yeah, they're all just like, all right..

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