Peter Navarro, Irvine, Donald Trump discussed on Real Time with Bill Maher


Peter navarro was a university academic it i believe university california irvine he's ring papers on china none of them in meeting candidate democratic candidate repeatedly very liberal wanted to ban the incandescent lightbulb donald trump bought into his china rhetoric and brought him on board for tariffs there is not a liberal or conservative economist alive or in the past hundred years who thought they were a good idea but this guy apparently knows the buttons to push with the president but you know as with everything he made this big pronouncement and now we see him doing caveats and conditional pulling back its it is the the only consistent thing about donald trump is his inconsistency we saw him do it with immigration we saw him do it with guns with saw him do it will gorwing gays from the military the guy you know can hold more possessions then the kama sutra a good though no everybody game with no decades adults we can have a shot at no i don't think i don't think he understands that either but i do think he understands that his base also doesn't understand it really you know what i mean the tariffs and everything he knows they're going to say morning or the stock market wool that went down totally this why is this fringe economics but not trickle down ways his tax cut in prosperous times is almost no economist who think that that's a good ally we disagree with you on that i i think there's definitely a liberal conservative divide on economics boat which hardly unequal equal divide you can always find a few nuts anywhere illicit went there is very few people i think i mean the university of chicago is a prominent economic school that pushed ronald reagan back in the 1980s on the idea of supply and they have a panel now with like fortytwo economists who all said this was a bad idea he actually do but i mean.

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