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You wait so bella and patrick were in studio my talk show on friday morning and i know they talked a lorry julia and then they also talk to you holly as well so holly ladies first i wanna ask you what you're impressions of the two young ins interviewed them in the afternoon the lorry gadgil lease than alex alex on this they were charming and away hand well in a way and you know i think that you know go a thorn she had her mind on different things perhaps than than talking to us but i think that once he opened up and you ask the right questions then you know put a nickel in her and then she got excited about talking about things in the interesting thing about patrick schwarzenegger is that he kinda sounds like his dad yes he in that was really surprising to me here's a kid who grew up in los angeles just graduated from u s c but he sounds a little bit like arnold schwarzenegger of you up a little bit yes yes how you know and i think that it was i don't know if they've ever done radio before told him to talking to the mic get right up in there then bellows started to open a candy bar right next to the microphone oh little yeah but overall i think that it was interesting this is like old school touring kind of like judy garland and mickey rooney getting out there on the train yelling eleanor movie it's i i.

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