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So this is not an investment that is only in the interest of New York City of New York State. The entire country upon my discussion with summer to people in Washington, I can't tell you who? The highest levels can get. Let's put it that way. They may be willing to put the money in, but don't forget. They're gonNA make forty four states that. The, that will call them. Crazy. They have to. Justify that is that the fact if they put in a federal monitor seeing the money is spent, they might be able to do it. What do you think about that? Well, John here's what I'd say the three point, nine, billion dollars that the MTA got in. The cares act we had. We exhausted at your wife twenty four we were the first transit public transit agency in the country to exhaust our funding. Every dollar that we got, we had to report to us dot that we expected dollars of and April and x dollars of revenue in made that we had additional expenses, for instance, for disinfecting subway stations in. Subway cars and we had a report that to the Federal Transit. Administration which is part of the was dot in Washington we were able to make that case we we're not looking for nor do we expect the blank check? We realize we're going to have to show that we have these increase courses costs, and that revenues have been the have have been reduced significantly as a result of the pandemic and we're prepared absolutely to do that with FTA. Again when a MTA relief bill passes packed way you have my commitment I will continue to work on this and thank you for all the great work you do. and. Let's keep the system going and until we have some kind of compromise between all parties. John thanks for all you do from. New. York. Thanks for inviting me God. Bless and have a good weekend you got. This is the round table will be right back..

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