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I mean, you really can't bring in it. Again. It's not an attack on his character. But it's just a matter of the, hey, you'll just because you say you're coming back in October. We appreciate where you, but but we can't even get to you're gonna be back in October. Because you know, we see things happened before. So. Yeah, that's why I say, I mean, you really you couldn't blame the USC for for taking another direction. If this is what you know, a beaver is going to kind of dig it feels in the sand and insist on doing I wanna see he'll be fight. No problem. But if he's not gonna for whatever reasons all respect that. But I just think the sport division it has to move along. And I see the way they acted with Woodley. Woodley defended his belt against till September. He had an injury, which was documented. But then I remember Dana white saying either way who's wants fighting on March second that left it open for you the Covington or Woodley sews a little bit of pressure on Woodley there. He had an injury. The guy actually got in trouble. You know what I mean? And you know, they they've had a a weight mishap. And then thinking back, I know Pettus was out for. Over a year where he didn't defend and I believe Connor had the same thing. He went to eighteen months twelve months before they did the interim eighteen months before they actually said, you're not even the indisputed anymore. And again, this is a talent rich divisions. It just that can't be happening. You know what I mean? Anyway, there's so much drama involved in the situation that I honestly, I don't think he's doing the PSA. What do you think? Well, yeah, I think at some point somebody will go, bro. That's not only reduces the three months right right now. He's not doing it. Then it. I don't think. So I don't think so John. I don't mad at first. I was like this is a great idea. It what I realize. Good. Do it. Here. Here's what makes things interesting for me. I wish I could hear the conversation between Dana white and all because how many times has the shoe been on the other foot where it's kinda like look all Ali, you get fighter aid. Maybe do this take despite on short notice. Maybe we'll help you out with fighter be fighter. See now, the different situation where I think if you're on that roster that dominance roster, you're praying. He does that PSA because you don't want to find out you got sent to Austrailia wherever because your other guy didn't cooperate or no, man. I think that can get kind of I think all you'll be in a tough spot now. Yeah. Maybe you're right. All right. Last thing here. John jones. He got a one fight license. He's cleared for UFC two thirty five on March second, there's some additional testing per the Nevada State us, let it commission. I think I after what we found out. You know, him being cleared by C SAC him fighting the grand being consistent. But being everybody's stomached it for for the most part. We're just ready to go with it. Right. I mean, I don't think there was anything too shocking on on Jones's behalf. No it wasn't. You know, I thought that the NFL very, well, they listen we want to see repeated tests where we forward on the we wanna make sure that those people levels don't ride..

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