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Of the people hotline. Don't forget you could add nestor gibbs on skype to be part of the conversation as well man. We gotTA touch on Frank Warren. <hes> furious rent on. I forgot where he writes beefy B._B._C.. Five or something I don't know I know everybody reposted it because he went in and it's funny. Eddie is trying linked to deflect with this whole dillion white positive testing scenario and to promoters that the boxing fans don't think highly Julia right like we're not like. I don't know super duper. Would you call it like we don't really trust <hes> frank. Let alone you know. Was this guy's name Bob Right. Let me fix this camera. Sorry about that so I know it's little weird to me little weird or actually not weird yet. I Dunno does it add more truth to the situation the two rival promoters even though in right now now the kind of tag team right then like Frank Warren and by Barrymore Buddy Buddy but they both have they both have and shares similar opinion on the Oscar Riva situation and him testing excuse me daily and white testing positive and you know Ribas not being notified like Frank Warren felt that was wrong. Bob Arum felt that that was wrong but you know Eddie didn't feel it was wrong and he's blaming the B._B._c. now. He's like well. The B._B._C. approved them not me and it's like I don't know man is just sucks that we've come to a day and age where something like this could be swept under the rug right like it doesn't matter what dillion tested positive for the fact that there was a rushed hearing earing and both parties were in given the whereabouts. The knowledge of the situation makes this soul sketchy <hes>. I don't like it and it really sucks. There's just the bottom line. It really does suck. I can't wait to see what comes of it and what what what what the powers that be due to rectify this situation. I'm seriously interested but let's get this thing started. <hes> still no word for Mike so we'll just keep this moving. <hes> you guys know how do when and where in this situation we'll just go to the callers quicker longer all that good stuff we got obviously the showtime car to discuss but let's just get into the zone Jose Ramirez Card where he stopped Maurice Hooker Oker great little boxing card <hes> I'll start from the bottom I wanted to do a life I chat me and my both differ..

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