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It would be another attempt to limit the virus's spread well looking at doing it on the international flights coming out of areas that are heavily and in fact it saying it's yet to be determined just who would conduct to the temperature and virus checks the federal government to war airlines one of the other domestic air travel meantime has taken a beating with airline trade group saying the average domestic flight in the past week as had seventeen passengers jet blue has become the first airline to require passengers wear masks southwest and others say in late eighteen courageous soccer make ani Washington on Wall Street it all starts with a twenty four thousand one oh one with a check on our weather here's news three Kelly current brace yourself it's going to be a hot one out there for us today will be mostly sunny skies with a high today in Las Vegas one hundred one degrees early if we've ever seen triple digits here in Las Vegas we do have an excessive heat warning in place that goes through Thursday evening people think more updates throughout the day from news three your weather authority cleared seventy five in Vegas and John chamberlain who won a one five F. M. seven twenty AM Kate on Las Vegas only FM news talk station here's John Michael Dr this report sponsored by the Lois slowing I. fifteen southbound between Charleston and spring mountain and slow ninety five south bound from the spaghetti bowl to casino center Boulevard heads up that road work will commence at eight o'clock this morning and I. fifteen north of the spaghetti bowl affecting northbound and southbound I. fifteen between.

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