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Gimme the. It's the best. I can't stop watching that video. I love it and so there's a back and forth there. There's a little bit of bad blood it seems just make the fight. That's the fight CANANEA certainly deserves it. But there's nothing really there at the moment Darren 'til telling me last week by the way Dr until was phenomenal on twitter all week long absolutely hilarious the stuff with Romero the GIF of the guerrilla guy walking then replies the gorilla turning around but telling me that he wants Robert Whitaker. That's very clear although I wonder if they'll put whitaker on that offline card maybe not. Maybe they'll put Dan Hooker in the main event because of course he trains out of New Zealand but he told me that he wants Robert Whitaker. But if you can't get rubber whitaker. He wants once jared CANANEA contender fight. So you do Israel against Romero and then you can have until fight cannon earwood would occurs out there Paolo. Costa's GonNa come back at some point in time and that's you know that's a very easy to make whenever he's ready to come back. That's a fight that I think everyone wanted to see but right now if Israel says he wants you say give them your Merrill so we'll connect with him in a matter moments and see where he stands on everything thing after Romero. We'll talk to James Krause. who had a phenomenal victory? This past Saturday in Brazil against Sergio Morales. He's won six in a row or foreign road depending depending on how you view the tough fights six in a row in the UFC in the cage. Not including the tough fights foreign row if you include the tough I fights and it's been quite the career turnaround for the James Krause. Also we'll talk to Paul Craig who fought to a split draw against Shogun who Andy Cohen Event Event on Saturday and will round out. Today's program with Bo Nickel the three-time NC Double A.. Wrestling champion from Penn State University. And the two thousand nine hundred ninety. Dan Hodge Trophy winner who've been aspirin spoke about earlier. WHO said that? He's going to have a great career but I thought it was really interesting to hear. Ben Say so one of the things that they announced when they announced that Nicole was going to eventually make the transition over to mixed martial arts highly decorated collegiate wrestler from Penn.. State State is going to try out for the two thousand twenty games first off but then once that is done transition over to mix martial arts. One of the things that they announced was that they are going going to open an American top team. Jim At Penn State Happy Valley. They call it's called Happy Valley but is in college college station or something like that State College State College shifts. That's right. I'm not much into the collegiate sports but anyway stay college but I thought it was really interesting to hear. Ben Say that he thinks that that is actually a big mistake that he needs to get out of his comfort zone. He's to go to one of the big. Jim's Att in South Florida Aka in in San. Jose those are two that come to mind and so I'm curious to. I'm curious to see what happens there no. UFC event this weekend. As I mentioned that the top but there is a really good delatour card that I'm excited about if you're into the the European scene and my friends is a pizza and Nihil do a great job of covering that for the Euro Bash podcast when my favorite enemy podcast pretty much. The only other one that I listen to this is a great car. Do we have the lineup for the tour card this Saturday. It's in London. Features the return of Michael Van Page. You've got this past Saturday. In Friday actually was Thursday aired on it aired on Friday. It happened on Thursday. This is the the fight card this Saturday Michael Pages on it in the main event Fabian Edwards against Michael Shipman. That's A. That's a real grudge match years in the making and is a big one in the European scene Terry Brassiere Against Sore back which is another refund. Fight Charlie Ward as you know the good friend of Conor McGregor also on the card so unfortunately this one is happening. I believe during the afternoon here in the United States airing via tape delay in in America but it is a good card hard and with no UFC for the next couple of weeks. There's no you have see this weekend. And then the weekend after Thanksgiving and then they return December seventh and then there's it's the December fourteenth card you have to forty five in Las Vegas and the year ends December twenty first in South Korea. They'll be the final final vent of two thousand nine hundred and so amazingly there's only three events left three of see events. Let December seventh is the one in Washington. DC Alastair over him against Jar Zeno does in struck and they announced this past weekend at that event is going to be in honor of the late. Great Stuart Scott and then there's the event December fourteenth two forty five and then of course December twenty first. All right one guy who's itching to get back in there is the soldier of God. My my good friend you'll Romero. Let's say Shalom to your right now. Shalom Yo L. How are you my friend? Are you doing okay my friend okay. All right well we have a lot to talk to you about your because you've been in the news a lot these days. After Powell Kosta got injured occurred Israel Sonya saying that he wants to fight you. Are you going to get that title fight. I stay ready for the fight because I still we hungry. No Tom I want to the This happened because many people talk doc. Really the the to lose the two that we really chocolate with midway and the people who know because everybody's who are have been the NAS tweet fight with a habit before now they're about and the people are want to seeing scene. Did who did. Who did I say? I am ready. Cited I'm really happy. Does a again give you the the fiber edi what about the founds the. US Has the U. OF C.. Offered you this fight yet. Do because I heard that they wanted to do versus jared cannon years a number one contender fight. Because they're saying that you're coming off a loss but have you or your management team been able to convince them that this is the fight to make right now you versus real see co owned in the money on the mortgage call me. It's only happened. A or injury defy right maybe in the long time. Now you're a thinking about you. I say nothing happened right now. The people see the people see. I am news. It refined in fact. Yes I do but when the when you is in the inside that you you saw God learn let him I still in the in the winter now she. UC happen really the really best big fights. It's the best right now in the middle. Okay I find I find that everybody the best people in my division the best fighters on. I'm being I've been having long. I've been and I get wanted the day when my loose ready for the day for news because it everybody habit the the the the the the beginning and everybody in the end and the rare by this this is not my day I said twenty. I still have an ice. The hungry they wanted Sunday. Coming right lose is our news it because they eat what it is what it is. My is me every night and I I stay I stay in a long time. I know the Kartik and I know that the goal for the day the sport will slow and the readers for today when I loses handles they lose in the end the only began a loose. Everybody asks me you lose somebody. Hey you know but right now nobody beat me the UFC you have seen nobody being. Maybe two people mandatory people know beating people beating. Anybody know what I'm talking about. The judges right everybody. Who Can I ask you? What do you think of Israel undefeated eighteen? And just just stop. Robert Whitaker are you impressed by him. I see that fine. I have a robot. Would you ask me about the roadway. You got have spent notice when you haven't in many injury when when you have a dash in your body one day the damage you you saw or you you do when you go to fight you worries the the water. The rhythm wadden would fight. But you need to know when you stay reading. You need to listen you body. You need to. You need to hear here you you talk the talk to see you need to hear to your state. Ready Air Unison. Mr Ready I know he he. He wants to fight because the inside the one but is not as SAM. He's another said you can see the the the pound Asia may get only like this is not bombs only ladies and you can see the ice when the go down so I don sinking only making one Jackson whatever. The is doing a knock down because now the sand the body so so so the buddies noticed him. I Dunno I settling English. I understand you're saying that his chin got worn down after the fights against you. Right ten rounds Josh is damaged. Yeah now let me ask you. Did it bother you. That Israel said Soo- soon boy because in the video you post you said why. Why do you say see you soon boy? Do you feel like he was disrespecting you by using your line goes Eddie body no me every about every fight is the fight with me. He knew I have I am I am really not. I knew it was there that you need to the call you need and to you say I want to see you soon by it because you wanna find me you want so you want to fight me unity mccomb unique to say the president the big boss for the. Let's see I wanted to this guy you you'll have it. The book is on the boat. So you have to say.

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