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And with five tracking the thing they're really selling is phobia rendering right lower performance requirements with the idea of being able to do. Rendering specifically where you're looking at in. I would say almost every foe Viet Renan demo of I've done so far. It's not fast enough or it's not meaningful enough of a of performance difference. Now, they think. I mean, phobia rendering is going to be important. I mean, I I tracked is going to be important for things like multi focal. Verret focal lenses 'cause you'll need to know where your eyes are. And those are lenses that change the focus of yet. See depth of the thing that you're staring at yes. On the flights. Help solve for a combination. Convergence problem. Right. Same with augmented. Reality glasses magically has eye tracking. And we can tell it's not as fast as you would like to switch between the two focal doubts. So it won't meant to be seen. How I tracking is implemented. I'm Lawrenson nitrogen from a social standpoint personally. And but and I don't see these properties social apps embracing the vibe pro I you mean avatars. Yeah. Avatar represents everyone else in restroom, or in big-screen any place that I see other people hanging out with you guys. I wanna see your eyes move like that that will make you come that much more alive to me. That's a very meaningful impact and something where latency would not be exactly. And even accuracy as long as it can get a good sense. It is another point of tracking for something that we use. And that's important data. You would think that companies we all over this? Because that type I tracking data something they h- usually value of just. Big data analytics or what you're looking at but persons, you can get so much more persons feeling with tracking and what they're thinking about from the eye movements. And that's something that know, it's probably very aware of do. You think there's any chance legitimate chance. It'd be able to retrofit existing by pros with it though. Not that seems like not a I'm just going to clip in some new lenses, and they're going to work. I mean, much bigger deal than that. Yeah. To tie into the existing data stream that sounds complicated. I don't know. Then I'll be curiously what applications support it if they're strictly for the enterprise, or if you know, I don't know rec room or some other apps actually implement support for it that be very interesting to wander and actually see somebody's is moving around. Raymond Wong was who I was thinking for Mashal, Haege waited. And you know, it kind of blew up on Reddit and elsewhere he was playing super hot and in a hotel room, the ES on the quest and said, this is the VR headset. We've been waiting for. Oh, well, I mean, speaking of the quest. What do we think of the announcement of Cosmo's? Yeah. The cosmos that's unfair. Why speaking of quest for well because cosmos is a supposedly inside out tracked. Yes. Standalone known, isn't it? I think they must have been intentionally vague about that. So that people would falsely make that connection? That's my only assumption. They put a very. Intentional or into that discussion. I think it's more Ken right now, actually to windows mixed reality headset. Yeah. Exactly. Because inside out tracking is the big promise. And so you don't have the setup for this is much reduced in. It's good enough for vast majority of experiences where you're not required of track things behind you. This is a new headset from five yes. And it is I think it has go resolution panels if I'm not mistaken, and it's a inside out tracked as you said, but it will require PC hookup or potentially. They're saying a mobile hookup. So the PC hookup connection to then still render and play games on the PC, presumably still seem VR. But is it tether game? Or is. It is tethered wireless. It is it is for PC. It has to be a USB. See okay source system connection. The wireless promise is if you are then broadcasting that to a smartphone than the smartphone becomes the coder the video decoder, and then sends that signal to display you're looking at the smartphone screen, but the smartphone Tom realize signal from the signal or renders locally. Yeah. Yeah. I would think rendering locally, but it's still wired to smartphone. Yes. Yes. Interesting. Yeah. So that's the untethered PC VR experience not due until quarter three is that right?.

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