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But again, I don't think they have the class. Of the likes of queensborough, stormy, Ireland, tell me something. So I'm probably going to just stick with the mayor in our wealth. And that's queensborough. Okay. Well, the reports were she was going to need the run and it was a monstrous run that day. So queens work is 5s with coluche, stormy, Ireland. That's Dennis picked for me. It's stormy Ireland still, 11 to two. I'm not deserting or she has although I might very well flip flop. The Ukraine appeal national hunt challenge cup for amateur jockeys. Now this is Chase, so the not quite four miler, but amateurs are back and all this is Chase. Because that really solves your welfare issues, doesn't it? Drop it from four miles to three months 6 for goodness 6. Run wild Fred has been a longtime fancy for Roy de largie on the show. Put him up at 7th and 6s on the podcast and was almost instantly slashed. So that's a final fall on podcast gamble for shower. But a horse that I'm very intrigued to get your thoughts on is vanilla. Keith, you'd know very well. Keith was Mark Walsh was on board when he won a cheltenham last year, but Kate's been riding him since. I really liked his win over fences in the Florida pearl back in November, a punches down. I should say the Lima Valerie Brandon Florida pearl novices chase, so he wins by 26 lengths there. Winning margin was a little bit exaggerated. But then he went into the Neville hotels, grade one where he disappointed me on fury road and he jumped an awful lot but I thought it was more of an exercise mission. Last time, I thought it was more of a reconnaissance get his confidence back and I would have thought Gavin Cromwell was quite pleased because he jumped much better for Keith. He just then blew up with my view on it. He's.

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