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Boxes. I just want to try it. Just give me a little. Little variety pack size box. Try it just give me a little Whitman's sampler of all the new ones. So this is again worth trying maybe not worth stocking up on. Yeah. To one done. In our third segment. We tend to cut loose a little bit. We we let go the rigid structure that shackles us the first two thirds the pergram into sort of relax, let our hair down. We'll bet and do whatever we feel like doing today that happens to be answer one of your questions. Hey, boys. I love first of all. I love the podcast. It's give me an even bigger appreciation the world cereal question balls, the serial dust powder from the broken pieces at the bottom of the back. I always found myself being careful not to dump all the contents out when the bag is low sometimes it has too much sugar in extra grain in this to the texture that is. Such a miscalculation. But we'll get back to some though, it's not as bad tricks. I don't seem to mind, but frosted mini wheats are the worst nose. Ten wheat has at the bottom of the bag. I was wondering if you thought it was bigger issue or if Dan has any cereals that are worse or better than others, but he's run into over serial career. Thanks love the show. No. Interesting question. Did you want to do you wanna start without? Or should I? No, actually, hit my number one reference points, actually, which is frosted mini wheats anything in that family and the shredded wheat family. I agree can get extremely challenging towards the bottom of the ball. I will I will grant you as like a thick sort of mushy paste that is digestible only in feary is rough. Tricks dust is I mean, it's as close as drugs as you get child. It's it's pretty much the PCP for kids. I enjoy the chicks dust a lot. I think that the only one that. I'm not actually that into is. I feel like anything in the cinnamon toast crunch sort of family king get that's like that's slurry that you sort of lying can get as a result of that can get to be a little much. But also like I think you've got a it's got to be part of a regular bowl. I think that's the problem is I feel he kinda got to integrate it into a regular bowl that just tastes a little bit is just a little bit extra. He's candidate by yourself. I don't know those miles. Yeah. I think my my personal feelings on it. But the first of all I have a problem with the frosted mini wheats comment. I kind of like it innocence. I feel it's almost like it's what I'd imagine fairytale porridge tastes like, it's just. The consistency isn't there? But there's some sort of. I dunno bland magic in it. Maybe it's maybe it stems from my real favorite, which is also probably a little bit weird. But it would be Honey bunches of oats, probably specifically, the cinnamon kind and this really stems from like childhood memory because both of my parents. I love them dearly. They're very consistent with their cereal habits often. And as a kid, my mom loves to make bowls of cinnamon, Honey, bunches of oats, and she would eat that most mornings, but she didn't like the dust at the bottom of at all. And she told me she would throw it away. And that just seemed so crass to me as a child. Was not going somewhere where I could enjoy it. So I would take it upon myself to polish off all those boxes myself. So that there was no way snappy. And. Yeah, and I don't know it just really sucks milk. Really? Well, but not in a way that turns it into like, slush or slurry more just like. It's crude peanut butter reference. But it oatmeal in a sense chunky to the creamy. I. Case it, isn't that interesting. Stop I feel like you're not you're not gonna get that. Yeah. Like pebbles is pretty much already. Just pretty something else..

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