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Flowers all. UCR tape. Against. Lefty Hyun Jin Ryu was been stellar starts out with a strike. Julie cantor five six seven. The bridge who have yet just one hit a single by. Freddy Freeman in the first inning two homers LA once she it's rerun shouted a second pop, and that's going to be out of play. Peterson the solo home run in the first long ball is given the. The dodgers all their runs on four hits the brakes. No runs. One hit is retired. Let's see it's tentative role. Just can't say enough good things about the u who's done. Looming. The brains all year long did much better offensively against a left handed pitcher. Got one hit. The lefty with the oh to pitch up top for the righty flowers. It's one and two. Let me let's go back. It was debated. He should he shouldn't pitch Kershaw. He shouldn't. He should so far Davey. Roberts says exactly played the right cards. I understand. It's the middle of the game. So far brilliant punch out on a call strike three eleven straight five strikeouts. Review? One out in the Atlanta v. Lumers just no different than what the dodgers seen from.

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