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Coverage at crtv where Michelle Malkin, and Eric Bolling or the anchors I see Deneche desouza up there right now. I mean, if you don't wanna lose your minds with the left and the fair and balanced iota, really check out crtv. I have had linked to on Mark Levin show, Facebook, Mark Levin show, Twitter and as results come in there. They will be analyzing it that's bowling and Malkin over there at crtv. It's just outstanding. But you don't want to leave here because we have in a stork tradition here of covering these elections like nobody else, and I I'm I call the shots straight. And we take a very good look at it. But in addition to calling the shots were encouraging people to vote, I'm not a news person. And you aren't either we're patriots. And this is not just a news event for you. And me in twenty five minutes, the polls and most of Florida close and twenty five minutes. The polls on all Virginia close. In twenty five minutes. In twenty five minutes, the polls and all of Georgia close and the rest of Kentucky. There's some states I don't care about. So the hell with them. All right here. We go. You know with thanksgiving just weeks away. I bet you're thinking about traveling parties a napping with the belly of Turkey. And by God knows I am. You know who else is looking forward to the holidays scammers and.

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