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In Denver finish number two in both leaders behind terminator films being praised but with the left and right has a number of conservative heroes in it like Ben Shapiro and colder Jordan Peterson and others and is rolling out across American weeks ahead but still need your support so voted no safe spaces dot com slash leaders and see what's playing and supported I frequently been asked about Donald Trump saying this stomach from saying that does business by the the down from said this look I look to see where the ball lands I will say again some years ago I'm watching it was a golf channel I'm not a golfer but I enjoy watching the sport and I enjoyed I enjoy the excellence of people like Tiger Woods and the host said to these two golfers both experienced what makes a good call for and one of them went through this beautiful a lamprey detailed mechanical description of what makes a good call for worst Vidar high puts his hips for pushes head the swing the follow through all that stuff beautiful and the other golfer said I look to see where the ball lands there are lots of things that the president says that I would say differently but might not have been as effective Donald Trump would not be president of the United States if he hadn't taken on the media in a way that I have been praying for Republicans do for decades he would not be president if he hadn't taken on Democrats in a way that I've been praying for public and to do for a long time these guys or mean vicious nasty in the reason they're mean vicious and nasty because they believe it our site is evil and once you believe the other side is evil you can justify pretty much anything pretty much anything you can justify going on the Senate floor the way we did standing there and saying Mitt Romney has not pay taxes in ten years and then after he resigned from the Senate laughs and said yeah I knew it wasn't true and when he was asked the regret that he goes well he didn't win did he that's how these guys roll Ronald Reagan was called a racist George Herbert Walker bush was called a racist by Maxine waters I thought that was a good bush George W. bush is called a racist and of course Donald Trump is taken to a whole nother level never mind when you ask Americans is Donald Trump too liberal about right or too conservative on all three categories they come out with almost identical ratings for trump first of George W. bush roughly the same percentage thought that George W. bush was too liberal I think Donald Trump is too liberal roughly the same percentage believe that Donald Trump is just right as believe George W. bush was just right same percentage believe the Donald Trump is too conservative as believe George W. bush is almost identical almost mirror images but Republican Party is racist it's sickening it is sickening with somebody like Bernie Sanders comes out and says he's going to end the absurdity of women making eighty cents on the dollar compared to men what a crock if that were true any self respecting profit seeking employer would probably fire all the men hire women and pocket the labor cost savings it is nonsense but they say it all the time and Donald Trump recognizes how how done we are Washington post New York times clearly the two most influential newspapers in America Washington post has never endorsed a Republican president ever New York times has not endorsed once it's nineteen fifty six nineteen fifty six I was for ninety three percent of reported the court in the pew research center call themselves something other than Republican only seven percent describe themselves as Republican what is that what is that CNN slapped around Republicans in the house then host a debate Republicans truck right in there and let the host a debate what is that look at these host Chuck Todd used to work for Democrats he's a host of meet the press Jake tapper your door for Democrats post on CNN total family of Democrats host on CNN Jim sciutto you for for a bomb as state department I show on CNN rediculous George Clinton marvelous top rated Bill Clinton was involved in orchestrating the so called not reflect strategy to malign the women that made allegations against Bill Clinton talk about sexism in the has take me to generation crickets and areas chief news anchor for ABC news and the media completely in curious about whether or not he played a role in crossing the story about Jeff esteem that a an anchor on ABC complain about on a hot Mike this thing on in Donald Trump recognizes how sickening this is how one fair this is and is doing something about it if only to call him out so that everybody now looks at the media with a great deal more skepticism that is a service that you perform for this country now if you are in any kind of pain maybe back neck pain shoulder hip or knee pain you got options you got really factor which is a one hundred percent drug free supplement that helps your body deal.

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