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That would help for level bowed tendon says that they would it would kill the scorpions will stay for before the if you're like walking who regathered apparently yet you yesterday i was reading with some of these corpulent twitter 5 of a like a a bow and arrow they're huge corp yet revered with cuba carter a no hitter the arc well with wandered actually was able to cleared away he'll these are huge all road sector the desert so travelled it friday of the people of your light up to a low voter faded wanted a longer uh whatever in another reason why i haven't heard compared to overfly could nuclear reactor was extremely powerful to grow and grow center eddie attractive pick up dragnet for god present revived crevier found were so it something they were ordered today extremely ah you know you don't wanna get close to it unless you have to fact factor very 45th a right well one of the twelve tribes i've actually ah approved for were level tribe and you know one of the reasons why the right word less higher russian population there were there were fewer number of it altogether cried in because we are added a fact effect affect of the arc i the love i believe i feel good surrounded at the camp to round the arc was it it it it it um made them passed away earlier and effectively they weren't able to live a long life i would actually had it affect other other loved gravity that's fascinating i didn't know that there is the story i believe i'm not sure which book of the the old testament lives in israel late named loser he lays his hands upon the arc and he struck down by god so what i've i've heard an engineer described the art of the come of ark of the covenant as a as a giant capacitor uh and that perhaps the real cause of death of eliza a was as ten thousand volts of static electricity yes that's actually you know depends on i mean governor is a bunch of different ways of describing it but that is the possibility that i query i referred to by book is there is a possible typical for they she was well for that type of happy to recognise fitted pretty correctly uh and there are many people over it could actually do refer over the years the engineers have looked at.

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