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With the man. The Myth the legend Dr Brick. Rick how are you sir. How excited to have you on the show today? I'm excited about a great. Many things excited to get into today's topic which is can. Can you teach fish to climb trees Elon. Musk versus Tom. Brady are you versus everybody nobody else. Let's let's let's talk about this. There's a neat thing that was created back when I was in college called Napster which allowed you to download files commercials absolutely download files. That was kind of a NEAT NEAT nifty thing and it changes the music industry right and then there's this thing that came out a little bit later called facebook book All right now facebook. I I don't like facebook. I'm not into facebook. I don't WanNa go on facebook. I'm Kinda Bill Belichick as relates to facebook. But I think it's very important for you the listener to understand what facebook instagram twitter youtube. What what they've done to you and if it's a good thing great and if it's a bad thing it's okay when I want you to be aware of and let's have this conversation for a second? FACEBOOK essentially allows you to be perpetually actually distracted in a great game called comparison and Jealousy. So let's let's give it example. Let's say that my good friend friend. Dr Breakfast is on facebook. And my good friend Jason's on facebook. Now Jason. You just got married right. I did and he got married. And what is your wife's name. Her name is Alexis Alexis. The Lexus is a very kind person. Beautiful Lady Great Lady. Nice Person Okay so you get married to Alexis and your photos turned out. Great Andrew took photos. I'm Andrew used to work for us when I owned epic photos now. Andrew decided to volunteer to take photos for you and the photos turned out great all there. So they're really. They really did great. You picked it's a great place you got married. I'm getting married at the botanical gardens. Which is a beautiful location Can you explain to the listeners. What that location looks like? It's like a massive park with a a bunch of plants and flowers and fountains and flowing just streams giant pond and the upkeep is. I don't know like what they pay the groundskeepers but they should be paying them. Like a crapload because these guys do a great job like everything is just pristine it is it really is a wonderful facility and and did this just in. It's nicer than most people's backyards. So what happens is though is some people not not you not not you have other people. I'm sure it's not our listeners. But some people then began to see. See your photos on facebook of of your wife and you and they start to go. I wish my life was that good. Because it's like it because that's a great time and left to get married great photos with this or they start to say. I wish my wedding photos were that good right. I wish my photos would have turned out that good. I wish my I alive. Would Dr Breakfast. Okay he's like Donna's he's a fitness guru. He's a he's a chiropractor he's a great guy and so Dr Brac you know no. He's on facebook just doing his life ready doing maybe they post highlights of a birthday or a party or something positive but then someone else goes. Oh God I'm not as fit as him And they feel bad so then people go on facebook and they're like well before I post this photo myself. I'm going to change the angle of the camera because this angle shoot up or even straight on. What kind of fat? If I shoot down I looked kind of thin so I wanted to change. It can go ahead real quick before we take the photo. Can I just change real quickly. And and then we have little filters we can. There's little filters do you change the filter. 'cause you want to remove any impurities any type of thing that would make you look normal. They make you look like a real person because we don't WanNa look like a real person we want to look like. We're a super person because we don't want to be real real we WANNA be. We want to be better than real. And so what happens. Is We start to compare. So what are we talking about. We're talking about. Is that you listening today. Have a gift. I believe that you weren't a mistake. I believe that you were born with a purpose and you have a gift and I don't know what the Gift Tis but I do know that you have a gift purpose and you were born to do something well. I don't know what it is. I don't know maybe you were born to be a chiropractor. Maybe you were born to be a great musician. Maybe you were born to be. I don't know drummer. Maybe you're you're born to be great baker. A great mom great dad. Maybe you're born to be a great dentist but if you were born to be a fish and then I teach you how to climb a tree if you attend my tree climbing school and I'm trying to teach you Mr fish to climb a tree. You're not going to do well and Jason. Why would have fish not do well in my tree climbing schools? Well it could be due to lack of arms or opposable thumbs. The fact that he's.

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