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Yeah welcome back our final segment with Cyrus partial as we talk about his work into artificial intelligence let's go to Cornelius in Louisiana welcome to the show hello Cornelius hope you had a good week yeah George I gotta say this one thing and we won the state championship so right before they closed down everything in basketball in the state of Louisiana Alexandria Louisiana Trojans won the state championship and grabs a champion who starts I want to salute job detail and Tommy that you're right on top of everything but that first call wrong we don't need you tonight we need to divide because now country this said no borders and stuff and they're just not gonna let this go cross cross the border but what I want to ask Mr Cyrus about now I believe in the Bible lack until George on the god guns to go man the Bible believes in being a man and everybody getting ready and the coast coast audiences ready because the U. Georgian art got it ready parts but you're getting us ready now that's what I wish you could've been four hours a night but sorry I'm gonna try to get your book maybe through book to me because I'm not allowed and and so I'm away from all that stuff but the key to it is just like George said don't take the mark of the beast would you be that chip in your hand are you here and I watch the show called personal ventures that's where super computer asus please watch and everything but ones good ones bad so my question to you do you watch the show called person of interest I think I've seen a couple episodes and a few years back yes correct server since you've been doing this which is been how many years now I've been researching big tax for almost twenty years twenty years not five G. is going to happen but you said something that caught my year you said six and seven are they like right behind five G. so they're already working on sixty and Europe and it's yeah it's coming right afterwards and that would alter people's says eating and a lot of different things so the people are just thinking Ellis's virus that that's in danger in the world but now after researchers thousand companies and internet everything I found so many simulations shows stages of dangerous for humanity that's all connected to the artificial intelligence systems so it's not just not giving this chipping and hang in your body it's preventing yourself losing your free will to buy additional programming is preventing these companies have all this data is preventing all the station recognition and voice recognition so they present you all this makes your life easier but now it's a whole system that's coming together it's just going to connect to a quantum digital A. I. brains that can literally control everybody and slaveholding race is so sophisticated but I didn't understand until I literally research investing all the stuff in companies and have put it together so I don't think people put these pieces together as well maybe these tech companies and if you look at that you read this book can you put it all together you see is companies what they're creating and they haven't disclosed to the public what to bring out the usually five ten years ahead of us and and a social engineer people through the media the mainstream media why is it that for six or seven months I've been tweeting I've been backing all the mainstream media please give me a platform to me let me have you guys read this book let me tell you how the world is in danger why isn't every mainstream media blocked me every single one's active resort please don't get up lawsuit they don't get it but they also programs deepen programs social engineer for the past twenty years because of think tanks behind him and then toss agencies and all both scientists and that data packet contracts so dear program to human race as well so people would be smartphones their brain chemistry has been altered and they don't even know it because it's connecting with the nervous system and their normal hours and he's tracking and everything's been text sending back to school and the deep A. I. system antics and a quantum technology so I I really want to thank you missionary for having me on your show really so far my heart thank you for your very welcome you deserve it let's go live mission it really is I want everyone to know about this and either have been plagiarized my work why did slanders and easily thank you for having me on and I I really hope everyone read this book and start talking about it because I want to forewarn so we can prevent bad things to happen to your family and everybody rather than react like this virus is happy we just take a step back everybody let's go to Lyndon orange California highland to go ahead I've been watching a clinical trials dot gov a study were eleven to twenty twenty regarding severe respiratory infection with the corona virus and I've got a loaded for an article on March fifth molecular dot org in their resources if you put in the March fifth it'll bring up the article regarding H. doctor inside of the province launch who rode articles with them regarding the fact that clinical trial being practiced outside of the clinical trial that someone inside of one who was aware of it she demanded that it be used on the family a family member a mother who had basically our first showed symptoms early or late early February late January and the daughter who was an avid twenty gram a day each scored the gas environments T. taker got her mother to take ten grams and she was all the symptoms went into dormancy for about ten days the mother went to the hospital to see if he had I really had accrued by rich they validated yeah you have it now in the blood they are basically a sequestered her that she was not as she did not have any is going to gas the vitamin C. and she rapidly went into severe respiratory infection and was put in I see you the daughter then came and said all my gosh aware of the showed the doctors the clinical trial study and they didn't want to do the twenty four grams intravenously for seven days a day greeted you ten grams intravenously for seven days and immediately immediately the respiratory infection started to clear up and by March fifth the writing of the article she was already out and about and healthy but the most remarkable parties they then tested the family logically and none of them after having lived with her well she had it for at least ten days minimum none of them all is well the gas the bodies C. takers about world Orley had no sign of any corona virus in the blood none at all wow yes that to me that's the most remarkable part vitamin C. well you know we've always been believer in supplements as a matter of fact pharmacist Ben Fuchs is joining us tomorrow night for the first couple hours from critical health news dot com to talk about your you in the system so make sure you're part of the program but all asking a lot about vitamin C. us maybe there's a simple way to fight all this but you know what servers have always believe you can't fool around with mother nature and that's what somebody has been doing because these viruses and diseases that are so foreign don't just pop up in nature's somebody has had to screw around to do that yes Sir Mr nori that's what they're doing they wanna trade A. I. systems that can actually manipulate the weather they're creating so there's a company up put in a book called festival the cleaning and then re engineering the while there is it is another company has invested it called the Wyss institute at Harvard so the Wyss institute they're creating little micro drones of pollination they want to create little insects that are made are robots so they can go around town in the world and you can perfect your recognition on these things future or even now diaper there's another company investigated darker is working on cybernetically enhanced tracking tracking for us what do you do is put a little machine packed in their spinal cord so they can it's right in their sole final chord correct so that's why I put this in the book I call with Mike about terrorism because my angel in China got back just in the chancellor's form they are transitions that the Chinese government was looking to create masters for not only for assassination of poison delivery systems with microphones so they're working on a cybernetically enhanced Beatles's actually videos on YouTube about this I discovered about a year ago what they're doing is putting things that happened in their spinal cords and attaching things on their body like cybernetically enhancing them so they can they put the fight and their police and there's a video of this to confirm but mind telling trying to meet the police and the military wants to use this not only machine that they're creating literally machines there want to create cybernetically enhanced little insects or even animals section Civeo you've got some pictures of some of those little critters in your book by that I do and he's so day took all that they stole the stuff from from our western companies so why use why are are a tech companies and artists scientists in our universities why are the true bionic baths why are they creating all these mysterious robotic engineering animals so and any insects and insects so it's like it's like almost like an alien invasion right so by Jesus comes into his own government had stopped awhile but then you have machines let me introduces robot your family so that Dave Dave there one introduced robotics to the whole world that robotic dragonfly in your book is amazing I mean what are they going to do this with the incident you know part of your book talks about you know flying over somebody and poison in them or something like that with one of these insects yes it it can be done so if you look at the U. S. military even Australia's videos online you can look up a strong military has small little those rounds maybe about two two inches maybe an inch and a half they can go to aspen art or take people out well they're putting and I was like ten years ago so you're trying to put facial recognition on these little insect rounds and then they can put poison delivery systems on that and the Chinese they go back to three thousand four thousand years with the chi gong tai chi and didn't know that between the origins there's actually usually lines the call marine channels and before somebody gets sick before they have let's say a sickness or two more organ failure these circuits break down first then when they break down Dan Norton sales so what they can do is have a poison delivery system basically hit the marching up and running in channel when that movie channels affected don't go to hospital have chest pains and then the doctor will say oh this is chest pains you're just stressed after five or six times and have an organ failure they're very sophisticated don't don't get me wrong what we've done is we've given our goals our crown jewels are of our science and.

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