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That's three one two two to six fifty five sixty six lotta fun and that's a really fun event speaking of a fun event and then you remember couple years ago i did the dancing with the chicago celebrities remember that in any of you see that video earned it was a lotta fun was up on a work and it was really good really fun and then raises money for breast cancer all the money that they raise you know the proceeds go to to help up fun breast cancer so what i've never probably mention do any of you listening is that my sister in law my wife sister nor up is a surgical i'm college just at the university chicago hospital after nor just go react she is the lovely wonder full talented cancer surgeon who is help many many people over her career at the university chicago hospital she's just a terrific lady and i'm i'm proud of what she does every single day she works her fannie off literally and she's going to dance what the chicago sweater she's going to be one of the corporate challenge sponsors so that event is coming up march tenth in on my facebook page i have a link to at it's that they hope in chicago which is at seven twenty south michigan avenue and you can buy tickets to be event and you can also help support the corporate dancer which is doctor nor up at her and her page so if you go to the dance in which chicago chicago celebrities website and you see the people that are dancing norris gotta corporate challenge there and you know not only issue so dedicated to helping you know women and man people with cancer but predominately works in the area breast cancer if you want to make a donation to that please do she's wonderful and our whole family is ridiculously prouder for and she's pretty good on the finance for two so look out so we're really happy for for nor and out information is up on my facebook page as well three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred is a phone number as get back to the phone calls mound talk with andrew was in chicago and you're you're on w gm good.

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