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Sets one DOE quando quando is much more famous than. After the. Was I right about that. Now, you'll never forget you were dancing. I think he and Tom Jones had the same manager. And I don't think Tom Jones. His name is Tom Jones is it. He changed the moist. This was this brilliant manager. Who was just it was all about the names of these clients? No longer, Tom shillue, your Tom. Say. Thomas John Woodward. So we changed his name to Tom Jones who is a British figure Tom Jones famous book. Right. It's is that swift. He's welsh. Okay. And then this other guy Engelbert Humperdinck will look up his name, but he had a boring. Name dorsey. What's his name Arnold George door? Sarno George Dorsey that name, I'm Jones are Ingle, Bert Humperdinck. That's Engelbert, Humperdinck changed. He gave Tom Jones a more normal name a generic sounding name. But it was also a historical figure, and then he gave in Gilbert Humperdinck name. And the thing is that bottom line is when he changed his name to Engelbert Humperdinck the guy's career took off. And he became a big also would take off his shirt. Yeah. He was even to the point. And this is I only know this was not a show. But I heard that he was doing like Vegas, and there were like seventy year old woman in the audience throwing their underwear and Tom Jones as well. Tom jones. Well, was all part of the way. I heard Tom Jones recently still really good. I mean like holy for. I forget what it was. But it's like. You still got chided? Even know Tom Jones was still with us. I didn't even know. It's unbelievable. Don't say that. No, dubbing, Tom, Tom, Christina doesn't know any of these people were talking. Jones. Yeah. So we these are stories we're going to come when we get back. I'm going to let you guys choose. Okay. Ooh. Goldman sachs. Goldman.

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